Monday, May 21, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Hi all I hope your having a smashing day.
I recently started a challenge that was posted on the FB group SMASH*aholics, now I have had this challenge on my Pintertest Smash/Journal Board for a couple months now. But I seen it here on this group and thought this would be fun to do and this is what got me started in one of my Smash Books.
So I started my blue retro smash book for this challenge, I got the book from Two Peas in a Bucket on the for sale board, the binding was a bit beat up so I thought that it would be a good one to use for challenges. Now my plan is to do the 30 day challenge, but not day by day. Shoot if I did that I never get any work done and I need to work to be able to buy all the things I want, LOL!

So this is my finished page for Day 1: Yourself:
 I really enjoyed putting this layout together. I didn't care much for the page paper on these 2 pages so I added my own. That is the beauty of smashing you just do what you want it's all about you.

So what are you smashing and if you aren't what are you waiting for! I hope you have a smashing day!

1 comment:

  1. Great challenge! And good ideas for me to keep in mind for my own photo challenge blog... Hope you share more of your smashbook challenge on your blog too!