Thursday, July 31, 2014

HELLO Power Outage

Good Morning. Today I have a layout about our power outage July 9/10, 2014:
I used a sketch over at Stick it Down you can use any sketch in the archives so I found this one:
  and I turned it a 1/4 of turn to the left 
to make it work for me. It looks like it maybe there very first one that they used to introduce themselves.
 The jounaling of the event.
 Even when Life happens, I still found a way to create. Lucked out with having some die cuts cut out and just needed put together. This was easily accomplished by having a battery operated Ott light :)
 That night after supper, just thinking about what am I gonna do when it gets dark? then it dawned on me about the Ott light and I had the ability to create a bit before going to bed.
 And this was the culprit for causing the power outage. Now my husband went to the neighbors that night to find out the story:
well 26 hours later it's on, thank goodness we are well prepared for this to happen It's a very long story what happened and will be journaling about it tonight for a scrapbook layout But what I understood is that the one telephone pole got hit down towards the bass during the storm on Tuesday night. that caused it to tip over now it was hanging by it's live wires. From the neighbor where the telephone pole was called PP&L but nothing from them for turning the power off. The wires caused fire balls with in the tree limbs, lucky that it didn't hit the garage at all, still nothing from PP&L even when the fire company called (see they were called to put out the fireballs but couldn't with the live wires) . So now we are at Wed. morning, when the transformer finally blew and that is when our power went out around 9:00 AM. When I left to go to work I seen the telephone pole that was hanging and I knew then what caused the power outage just didn't know the whole story till Dave went over last night to find out. So this morning about 11:15 the power came back on.:)

What do you do when the power goes out? I am very lucky to have married and man that knows how to survive and we have a generator from the business that is a blessing to have on hand just for this. We were able to pump water from the well so we could fill buckets and other storage items for over night. Getting stuff out the fridge to a minimum to keep it cold and we have a gas stove to cook with. Felt like we were camping at home :)