Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Buddy This Again?

This is from LOAD516 Day29: Sunday theme: Daily Life and the prompt was It's the Little Things. Capture a small moment or detail. I went with our fur-baby Buddy for this layout :) he is part of our daily life and should be featured a bit :) But Buddy isn't a baby anymore, turning 11 this year :) he's older than us now, but still a bit feisty when he wants to be.
 I used the challenge over at Sketches in Thyme sketch #200
This was a fun sketch :) I also used a new technique with this layout from a challenge over at Scrappin N Chattin: Window Pane (to cut up a picture in a way that it looks like your looking out the window at it. Interesting and glad I gave it go.
Buddy does enjoy life :) He loves to get on his back and just rub around it is something he does daily.
 The lower corner I have added my journaling
The top corner I added the other half of the PL card I cut for the 2 corners and the sequins. A fun layout once again. I used my Sunny Breeze kit, my current counterfeit kit :) Tmorrow is a new reveal for June's kit and this month they did a sneak peek you can see it here


This is from LOAD516 Day27: Theme: Adventure is my Middle name and the Prompt was: Share a story about a time you were Brave! I've done a few of these already and can go int deeper a few more but right now I thought I would tell the story of how I learned to swim:
 I found these pictures from 1977 swimming at a pool at the hotel we were staying at. This is something that may have not happened if I hadn't learned how to swim. A friend's mom was teaching me, but I still wasn't approaching the deep end. Well one day the nephew of said friend ran by me as he was he accidentally pushed me in the deep end! You know at first you get that frantic feeling but then some kind of strength comes from inside and you d what you got to do! I'm here so I must have done it right :) I do enjoy swimming.
I used the sketch over at Sketch N Scrap Flashback Friday #3
 Loved this sketch and I ended up with a cool layout because of it :)
I used my current counterfeit kit for this layout and so glad to use some of that polka dot paper. Sunny Breeze kit. This will probably be a 2 page layout I have more pictures from this day that I want to scrap and will put together in the album

Current Favorites

Yay a fun layout ! This was such a blast to make:
This is from LOAD516 Day26: Theme: My Fave! and the Prompt was: What is your Favorite everything?!! when I seen this I knew I had to do a currents list :)
I used 2 challenges to help me with my layout: the challenge over at Scrapbook Challenges May Pattern Challenge : Grid and the sketch I used came from Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog: Sketch challenge the 1st sketch on that post:
 This layout was pure fun and this sketch was fun to work with for the layout :) I used my current kit Sunny Breeze for my layout and the gold glitter hearts are from a past layout
 Just some of my favorites this past week.
 A fun. playful title to match the mood of the layout
 Glad to get these on a layout Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows and one that Dave and I both get a chance to sit down and enjoy together :) Cards are always fun and Jeff Dunham so much fun to watch :)
Pitch Perfect 2 was fantastic ! and loving the music by Meghan Trainor at the moment. The book I just started, but looks to be a good read and the restaurant we haven't found one yet to beat this restaurant but we keep trying

@ This Moment 2,902 Days

So glad this prompt came up in LOAD that I finally scrapped this layout about my life one that I wanted to scrap for a long time. LOAD516 Day25 Life by the numbers is the theme and How many days since.....
2,902 days since I had a cigarette and still counting. I found some pictures of me to use during that time period and my journaling is about the why we quit and some of my own personal journal entries during that time period.
 I'm so glad I added that butterfly paper to my Sunny Breeze kit it was the perfect backdrop for this layout. For instead of counting days we should be counting the moments and this is a perfect reason to quit so we can have those moments to count.
A few pictures of me during that time :) Really had to concentrate on other things so the urge wasn't so bad. By August I was my happy self again :) with a few extra pounds :) So glad I wasn't scrapping heavy during this time period the layouts may have not been good at all, lots of praying got me through it :) Praise God for that.

Spring 2016

Hello again :) Finishing catching up with entering challenges today :) This layout came about from LOAD516 Day24 It's a I feel theme and the prompt was What makes you feel confident or courageous? I came up with a few prompts on this one and ones I would like to eventually do but really need to sit down and concentrate on the journaling for those types of layouts so much to tell. So I went with that I feel pretty confident in my photography skills :) a good camera will do that.
 I love taking pictures of things and people, so glad my abilities have grown and flourished :) I've seen my fist ones when I would shake the camera, out of focus, blurred and so on and now I've got it down to zooming in and really focusing in on the subject.
I used the sketch over at Scrapbook Challenges Sketch #484 for this layout
I used a larger collage of photos for the one photo on the challenge :) This was a fun sketch to work with, the had some cool sketches this month :)
 Journaling close up
 Added a fun rubon
 The title block
 I used my current counterfeit kit Sunny Breeze for the layout.

For the Birds In So Many Words

Good day to you :) This layout came about from LOAD516 Day23: Me, Myself & I theme for the day, the prompt was I'm really good at............. This past spring we had alot of new birds come to the feeder and found out that I look for details that help me to identify them. Perfect for this prompt :)
 I used my current Sunny Breeze kit for this layout :) The title came about from a challenge over at Scappin N Chattin yahoo group :) Rhyme Time.
 Upclose on the journaling
 This is something I really enjoy doing, bird-watching and then identifying what we have :) So many new birds in this year is was fun to see so much color.
I will be putting this into the challenge over at Scrapbook Challenges for the May Journaling Challenge: Me Time. This and scrapping it is something I do for me I enjoy learning something new :)

Not A Typical Monday

Hi again :) This is the layout I created from LOAD516 Day 22: Daily Life prompt: Oh the places you'll go! Which places are part of your routine, commute, favorite places to eat, etc. I had a list of where we go during the week, but I wasn't feeling any of them for some reason. So I went another way with the layout after looking through my phone pictures since that would be the place to see what I typically do. Well I found this set of pictures that was not a typical walk for me and Buddy so that blossomed into this layout:
 One day decided to take Buddy walking along the River walk :) Nice change of pace for both of us.I used an old sketch over at PageMaps:
Loved all the photos spots on this layout :)
 Some up close photos of the layout :)
 Our Buddy boy :)
 Loved using the variety of lettering to make the title block
I used my current counterfeit kit Sunny Breeze for my layout.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Our New Life

Hello and Happy Memorial Day to you :) I hope that the day has treated you well? I got some bulbs at Lowes on sale and planted those, we have been listening to the top 500 on our favorite radio station, we have been enjoying new meals with Dave using his smoker and enjoying the weekend. We didn't for get the reason for this weekend and always facebook a post today thanking those that have sacrificed so much for my freedoms, I have many in my family that have done their duty. Thank you always :)
So this layout is based off of LOAD516 Day 19: My Fave and the prompt was a memory to treasure. I was so glad to get this memory down on a layout :) and need to do more of these of my kids while I can remember just a bit of it yet, but this one was my first child and it seems that for me I remember that about as vivid as the day it took place.
My story as I remember the day my 1st born child was born. Some old photos :) 1979 was the year.
I used the sketch over at Memory Nest for my layout, sketch #60
This was a fun sketch to do :) It's been a great month of sketches all over the blog sites :)
Photo of Carl and I thinking maybe Easter time, that is when they would have these types of portrait packages for sale. I used my current counterfeit kit Sunny Breeze for the layout with some extra old theme stashed pulled in to finish off the layout. Thank you for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to in my little corner of the world.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pins Pins & more Pins

LOAD516 Day 18, it was a Wednesday so the theme was life by the numbers and the prompt was It's not a collection or is it? This is basically self-explanatory and yes we are collectors :) You have seen my blog posts about our tractor collection, but this is a different collection related to the tractors.
This was a fun layout to do and told of something that we collect that most don't know :) These are the exhibitor pins that we receive from exhibiting our tractors at a show, it's a way for the show to thank you for attending with an exhibit. These were starting to clutter up the hutch and Dave decided the 1st of February he was doing something about it. There is also a current picture too of the pin collection and you can see the change in amount in just a few years.
The sketch that I used for the layout is from Scrapbook Challenges #483:
Such a fun layout to use :)
 The border element of the layout was fun to create :) Lots of bling scattered about :)
 The journaling block
 The title block
an up close of the photos :) Thank you for hanging with me today, sorry for clogging your blogger but wanted to make sure I was caught up with challenge due today :) I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day tomorrow. Many more posts will be planned for tomorrow too :) as I catch up :)

Clickin & Poppin

LOAD516 Day16 it was a Monday: Me Myself & I theme and the prompt was Quirky, Unique, You. This I had to think about a bit, but then something clicked in my brain, something I have going on that is a bit unique that maybe a bit quirky: I have a clickin & poppin going on when I open my mouth real wide:
This is not a layout I would have done if it wasn't for LOAD so something about me that is very unique. I used the sketch over at Sketch N Scrap for this layout sketch #105:
I even went with the floral theme they had going on with the sketch :)

 The journaling :)
Up close of the photo of my clicks :) it was cool to find this flair in my Sunny Breeze counterfeit kit it worked pretty good for the picture :)

Say What!

This layout is from LOAD516 Day 21: It's a saturday so the theme is Time Capsule and the prompt is Dude! That was like totally awesome! Tell how your sayings, mannerisms have changed.
Growing up in the 70s I so remember the catch phrases from TV Shows and I based my layout around that era of time
 This was a fast fun layout :) I used the sketch over at Let's Get Sketchy Week #3 sketch:
This certainly was a fun sketch to use.
A close up of the journaling, I used my current Sunny Breeze counterfeit kit to make this layout too. Cleaned up a veneer pack with this layout :) Always nice to have used up the whole package from my stash.


A short break there :) guess I need to move into overdrive to get a few these up before the deadline tonight, so just a layout and a sketch for now and fill in the story later :)
This layout is from LOAD516 Day 12 that was a Thursday: What you love, what you really love is the theme and the prompt was The (Object) of your affection :) Share a story about your favorite object,Where did it come from, why is it special, is it valuable, why is this object not normal stuff? This one I took from the designer's layout point of view today as something of value from her grandmother. So my layout is something of value to me from when Mom passed on and it was something I had asked for, there was only a few pieces of furniture, but this object it didn't work but it had meaning to me.
A little bit of the past couple of counterfeit kits and a little bit of Sunny Breeze kit was on this layout. I was glad to use floral on this layout gave it a feminine feel to the layout.
I used the sketch over at Stuck?! this was the May 1st sketch
I really like these types of sketches with the diagonal sections on the layout.
The journaling block about the clock/mirror. This is a piece that if I take a glance at it takes to a memory of home growing up, my mom and other fond memories from that time
Closeup of the title and the photos.