Tuesday, May 31, 2016

@ This Moment 2,902 Days

So glad this prompt came up in LOAD that I finally scrapped this layout about my life one that I wanted to scrap for a long time. LOAD516 Day25 Life by the numbers is the theme and How many days since.....
2,902 days since I had a cigarette and still counting. I found some pictures of me to use during that time period and my journaling is about the why we quit and some of my own personal journal entries during that time period.
 I'm so glad I added that butterfly paper to my Sunny Breeze kit it was the perfect backdrop for this layout. For instead of counting days we should be counting the moments and this is a perfect reason to quit so we can have those moments to count.
A few pictures of me during that time :) Really had to concentrate on other things so the urge wasn't so bad. By August I was my happy self again :) with a few extra pounds :) So glad I wasn't scrapping heavy during this time period the layouts may have not been good at all, lots of praying got me through it :) Praise God for that.

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  1. WOW - well done you! I have nevr smoked, but seen several family members struggle to quit, so I know just what a great achievement it is! Glad you got it scrapped so beautifully - an extra incentive never to start again!