Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The First Few Pages of My Steamtown Mini Album

Good Morning you all :) I had a very fun filled week of visiting various members of our family at many occasions. We were lucky enough to spend time with our Granddaughter and our Great grandson, was able to get a 4th generation photo too. So I got all the photos printed and will be doing many layouts in the days ahead of the experience while it's still fresh in the memory bank.
This is a photo heavy post, wanted to warn you ahead of time. I've set up my schedule of crafty goals for this week and last night I actually got started :) So I pulled out my Summer Travel Kit and I got started on the Steamtown Mini Album, I had previously sorted the photos in the order that I want the album to flow and got an outline of the album too.
So my title page came together from some inspiration that I seen in the current magazine at Scrapbook & Cards Today you can download the digital magazine for free and they have some really cool ideas and a very readable magazine for digital copy.
The album is 8.5 X 6.25 so the first few pages are that size too. I cut the title page background paper from a 12X12 sheet. I grabbed the happiness bingo card and a road trip die cut I found while cleaning up my room that was perfect for this album. Backed it with the cardstock I included in the kit and used gold smooch to outline a couple of letters and add the missing spots to the letters.
 I also did some flax stitching to the a so it wouldn't get lost .
I added the border of washi tape to give the title of the album a subtle place to rest. I strategically added the arrow to be next to the word (to) and to surround the word (destination) to draw those words into the whole of the page. I used a variety of alphas and my dymo for the destination title and date. The National was an actual cut up piece from a cut off sheet that you will see a few more cuts as we go along.
 Pg 1 and 2 is our driving journey part of the trip:
I had kept every thing from that trip so when I found this Google driving directions among the stuff I knew I had to use it for the driving journey page, it seem to fit right into the page for a fun detail element. I used a piece of the 8X8 paper from the travel pad for the background of this page.
 For page 2 I also took a page from that same paper pad and fussy cut it to be able to keep that wording on the top of the page and added the pictures in a way to be able to keep that one building showing .
 The Central Scranton Expressway was a fun drive and you really needed to be quick with a camera to get pictures of all the murals they had this one turned out the best and was just perfect for the day too. I added the Steamtown directional sign to the park.
I also got a picture of one of the signs for one of our turns to get to the park, a cut out piece from one of the journal pads and a fun die cut from one of the sticker packs
 page 2 includes 2 pictures of the arch crossing over the street it was fun to see all the different buildings in the city of Scranton
The up-close picture shows the signage to the Steamtown Mall, a squeal came out cause I knew we were getting closer to our destination. Another fun sticker from that pack that had an airplane on it, pulled that off and covered the spot with star and added a piece of tape that came in the SN@P sticker pack I got that drew in the reds really well together to form a design triangle.
Pg 3 and 4 is us arriving at the park:
These 2 pages are like the index of the site (gives a description of each of the points of interest at the park) with a few added elements. I printed the map that we received onto the photo paper cut in half and spread across 2 pages. Both of the side borders on both pages are actually the map received
and the safety brochure we received
 and they both pull out with the tabs (more of those cut out like from the title page for the tabs)  I attached so you have access to the map. I added the photo that my husband took of me
 as we were heading to the site, where we received our passes:
and our wrist bands for the shortline train ride we took (those will be on another page) at the ticket booth building (reminds me of an old building that you purchased your tickets for your train ride back in the day). It's a cool place to see that doesn't take alot of money to enjoy, just about as cheap as a movie other than the gas to get there.
The first  pages of the album done, it's fun to actually get started on a project that has a clear beginning and a clear end. It's a different size format than what I'm use to but I think it'll work out just fine and can see already that I will be very creative with some of the picture cutting.
Well you all have a great day and stop back tomorrow for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog hop...


  1. Great job on incorporating memorabilia. I'll remember that idea on the driving directions.

  2. This mini is going to be fabulous Tina! I love the title page, love all the memorabilia that you are putting in too and I love, love that you put in the driving directions! Clever!! I've never been to Steamtown, but you have me wanting to go now. lol This will a be fun and priceless mini when you are done Tina. Hugs, Brenda

  3. Awesome job! Love how you included the driving directions, will have it remember that! Looking forward to the next pages.
    Cindy F.

  4. This is looking fabulous :)

  5. Great album documenting your road trip. I've been to
    Steamtown in December for a Polar Express event. It was magical! Super job!