Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PL Week 2 and a winner for the Blog Hop

First I want to say Our hearts are breaking with the hurting and injured after the senseless attack on life at the Boston Marathon today. May God hold you close.

 Hi and welcome back to my corner, I have week 2 of PL 2013 completed and I wanted to share it with you. But first we have a winner to announce for the smash pad blog candy.
The winner is:

Number 2 is Emily Adams-Congrats to Emily! I'll be in touch with you to get your address to send off the smash pad.

Sunday was not a good day/ but yet it was. Oh allergy season is upon me and Sunday I spent the day sniffling, sneezing, coughing and itching.  What made the day good was I was able to get get Week 2 done through all of it.

Left Side:
Right Side
Some close up shots:
The week in review cards, I think this will be a norm on my layouts, just a blurb of what I wrote about in my journal for the day.
I'm a huge Notre Dame fan and it was a great year to be a fan to see the season end undefeated til the championship game and ND lost. Oh well maybe this year, have to wait and see.
My oldest son's birthday was Wed and we got together on Thursday. I took him out to lunch and at a local Chinese restaurant. Did a journaling card on it with what we ate and the inclusion of my fortune from my fortune cookie. The background was real busy so I cut him out of the picture for a detail. He's a huge Superman fan so I got him a tie pin and a tee with the superman emblem on it.
The detailed story of my blood work done this week. Strange highlight of the week but it was a highlight. The True Story journal block tells the story of what happened.
Finished out the week with a crafty Sunday, we had recipe swap and Close to my Heart club. The picture consists of the the card and the project that I made for the day. Both items will be shown in detail in upcoming blog spots.

It was an interesting week, I'm really enjoying doing project life cause now I see the details of the week that I would have probably never had notice. I was also able to work on Week 3 got most of it in place just need to do the journaling. After just 2 weeks I'm starting to figure out a flow that I want to do and will be able to work on different part of it during the week, like the week in review or a story I want to emphasize that will make the whole project for that week go a bit faster. I found I need to have some quote cards made up for the weeks that aren't pictured heavy to fill in the empty pockets.
Thanks for stopping bu today and seeing the view from my little corner of the world....


  1. Oh, wow, thanks for the win! I am having a good winning streak here lately lol! Hope my luck doesn't run out! I'll email you my address in a minute.

    Love this week 2 - it looks really nice! I especially like that week in review part. I may have to steal that idea!

    1. Your Welcome, go for it on the idea, I feel flattered