Thursday, June 25, 2015

The 2015 Scavenger Hunt update

The 2015 Scavenger Hunt is under way:

Hi you all! Hmmm we've been working on finding pictures for the hunt and even have a few planned out to be taken. It's nice when you can get help with your hunt, my husband has decided to keep an eye out for certain things on the list too! Kinda fun to have him playing along with me. So this week he's been working at the Columbia Montour VoTech doing maintenance work and got the picture of: 15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it
 The wind was blowing just fine for the picture too :) So that is 2 pictures completed on the list. This weekend we expect to get quite a few pictures for the hunt while visiting with Tammy and the kids for Brandon's Graduation
 Have a fantastic day!


  1. Would love a link for the challenge!

  2. Yay! How fun to have hubby helping out! I love the pic of the flags and even better that the wind was blowing them outward. Now I must go check out the other pics you have gotten so far. I'm so far behind in my commenting Tina, but bare with me while I slowly catch up if I can. Hope you haven't washed away with all this rain we have been getting. It sure is messing up the crops! Feast or famine-that's the way it goes! Hugs, Brenda