Sunday, June 17, 2012

SMASH*ing Summer Challenge

Hi all, Wow it's been super busy and I lucked out and had a day full of crafting, finally! The FB group SMASH*Addicts put up a Smashing Summer challenge this weekend:
The theme for this challenge is to do a 2-page spread on summer. You can show what you love about summer, what you do during the summer, what is best in summer, where you go, what you wear, what you eat ... that's it -- anything to do with summer.
So here was my entry, but I didn't make the deadline in time:
But I had alot of fun making the pages and remembering the trip.

I decided to use my orange SMASH* book for the travels that my husband and I have been on and will be going too. I'm looking forward to getting the past trips in here and to be totally ready for the future trips ahead.
This particular trip was a 3 day weekend starting with Friday Aug. 6, 2004 at a local tractor show. Saturday morning we went to the antique tractor show in Portersville, PA (it was a lot of fun and that will have some smash pages too). Sunday was planned to go Titusville, Pa and ride the train (I think we got the info about it at a rest stop). My husband loves trains, in fact his love for trains is so strong that our house is situated in front of a set of tracks (but that is another story too). After the train ride we attempted to see the Drake Well Museum, but alas......
That story will continue on another set of pages soon.
Thanks for stopping by and if you ain't heard of SMASH*ing you may want to check out Google and find out about it's coolness!


  1. Love your project!!! Great story too.

  2. Tina these pages are pretty neat! I don't smash but I think its cool to document life...=)


  3. Tina Great Job. Sounds like the trip was alot of fun.