Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Digital Happy Hanukkah Card

Good Morning all and welcome to my blog. Today I'm the designer over at Card A Day Blog and the theme is Hanukkah. Mine today is a digital card that will be made into a regular card, time got away from me on this one ;)
 I created this card in Photoshop elements, here is where you can get your first start with a card. You can make all the layers in the program and shift, move and change how you want it to look.
Sometimes when I'm stuck on a card, I will check out google images or Pintrest, of cards for inspiration and then I go from there to my PE program and start creating shapes that I may want to use, add clip art and some digital papers and you can come up with a card fairly quickly. From there I will transform into a paper card to give to someone over that holiday. This way I have a visual sketch of what I want to make.
First I start with a new Blank file and put in the dimensions of the card size and then I get to work. Pick and choose all the elements that I want in the card, then decide on the various shapes and clip art I want to use for the card. The candles here are similar to the Silhouette Design ID #1532 that I will be using in my card. The digital papers I got from Sweet Nothings (free) and these are very similar to the papers I will use. The card itself will go together relatively fast now that I have a map to follow.
Do you have Photoshop Elements or another program similiar? Have you ever done any digital crafting either cardmaking or scrapping? There is alot of information out there on the subject, how tos ( here is where I found out how to first create the card: Finally Friday-How to Create a Digital Card) She uses Photoshop, but alot of the same rules apply to Photoshop Elements. Just another fun way to be crafty :)
Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by and seeing the view from my little corner of the world

Don't forget about the big prize for the blog follower giveaway there is a few weeks to go and I'm gathering stuff for the box each day.


  1. Wow, what a fabulous digital card Tina! I am not a good digital person, but after seeing this I wish I was. lol Thanks your for your kind comments on my blog!

  2. Great card Tina! I may "borrow" that design from you, if that's okay, I really love the image in the circle with the strips of patterned paper underneath. Very versatile!

    1. Thanks, and you sure can, I borrowed it from the lady doing the card video. It's a very versatile layout that can be used for most any holiday :)

  3. Hi Tina, Thanks for the sweet comments on the 3 20 craft posts, and I popped over to visit. I read through your blog after enjoying this lovely Hanukkah card, and was bowled over. I will definitely be back to check out these links, because this is something I would love to learn to do. I have PE, use it for some editing, but have never had the time to sit down, really learn the things it can do. I'm a lousy photographer, so I've learned to do a bit of very basic editing. I think being able to do the manipulations you describe would be a super bit of knowledge to have & I certainly need it, as I don't use sketches as often as I should! TFS & thanks also for writing up the post & providing the links. Just double checked to be sure I've joined as a follower. Hope you'll find time to visit again. Hugs