Thursday, April 24, 2014

CKC April Blog Hop-Kraut Layout

Good morning and welcome to Counterfeit Kit Challenge April Blog Hop. If you came here from Jemma's blog then your on the right track if not then you want to go back to Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog and check out what all the girls are doing in the hop. the challenges this month are: 
Challenge #1 - Blog Design Challenge: Use the blog design from one of the Master Forgers as inspiration for your project.
Challenge #2 - Pocket Page Inspiration: Make a pocket page card (3x4 or 4x6) the star of your project.
Challenge #3 - BIG Title: Use a large title (or sentiment) on your project.

I chose Challenge #3: the BIG title on the layout but I think that I've got some pocket page inspiration going on too :) So my layout is called "Kraut"-this is what we call sauerkraut in our house and my husband has been heard calling it "Krut" too, so it was a toss up of the title and the coin chose Kraut :) 
This layout came about from a sketch I found in a magazine:
 This is from Creating Keepsakes Nov/Dec 2012 issue: the inspiration was the right hand side of the layout
 I worked on the layout at a church craft day and I always take magazines to crops for inspiration cause I don't consider taking my laptop. 

Here is the big title representing canning kraut. The journaling card came from October Afternoon Farm Girl collection (this collection fits us so well :) This was a day this past year of canning Kraut and my husband is the master-canner in our house he even taught this city girl (very small city type girl, lol! ) how to can. See my Mom didn't can at all, so I had no idea how to do it till I met him. 

I usually help, but this was all him doing it this time and I was able to get a few shots of the process. We definitely enjoy going down in the basement and grabbing a can of something or out of our freezer for anything we have processed and stored that way for our dinner each night. This is Part of our Everyday life :)

I love that I was also able to add a negative cut that makes a great looking frame to encase that picture of the jars of kraut.
Case file #112: I think I used all the colors from the scheme. The evidence: I used the pattern background, something sheer (the vellum), frame was used and I think I can say that I paneled the collage of pictures. For the testimony: this is our tranquility and the vellum canning jar behind the title not a pocket though, but it's holding the title very well :)

Thanks for stopping by and off you go to Isbaha's blog
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  1. Oh that's a fab layout, love the large title and the sketch is awesome too!

  2. A great layout to use all those photos. Mmmm... sauerkraut! love it. would never think to make it myself though - good for you!

  3. A very interesting and colourful layout. You've made that sketch work for you.

  4. So many great elements on this page and a lovely story chronicling your everday life, too,

  5. Being a vegetarian on a school trip to Germany 20 years ago I must've looked like sauerkraut when I got home - still love it though.
    Great job on your layout :)

  6. Love how you fitted four photos on - Can I pinch the sketch? :)

    1. Sure can! I want to use both pages for a Christmas layout too yet. I'll be watching to see what you do with it :)

  7. Ahhhh many memories of my mother and aunt in the kitchen at my grandmothers processing the vegetables from Papa's garden. They were either frozen or canned. Kitchen was to small at their summer home to allow my cousin and I into help. I also remember the first time I opened my grandmother's kraut crock....omg! I certainly learned my lesson. My grandparents were 1st generation German Americans. I, too, have never learned to can. I freeze everything from the garden.

    I love love your layout and choice of sketch is perfect! I too love OA Farm Girl and perfect choice for your layout.

    Kim W

  8. Hi Tina! Thanks so much for stopping by earlier and for your lovely comment about my pocket style album. I hope you'll enjoy seeing it develop - and that it inspires you to start on your own project!

    It looks as though you're making great progress with your Counterfeit Kit! I'm useless at using sketches, so I'm in awe of your ability to change things up and make them your own x

  9. Wonderful page Tina - love that sketch, I always find it difficult to include lots of photos on a page - and I really enjoyed reading about the canning, I've never tried that, must be great to be able to go and pick one out for your dinner! :o)

  10. Love all the jar references....great family activity to document; my sister cans things like string beans and carrots for me...would love the kraut!!

  11. Love, love, love this layout Tina! I love canning too, but don't do it anymore. It is hard work, but so rewarding when you go down and grab a canned goody or get something out the freezer that you have grown yourself. You know what is in it and what is not! Great way to document this everyday life thing. Glad that your hubby taught you how to can too, we all may have to go back to canning our own food at some point in time! Hugs

  12. What a fab page - this is why I love the CKCB and especially the member hop - you get to see some great blogs, and quite often LEARN a little about other people's lifestyles/countries. Funny how you guys call it "canning" ... but what I see is bottles - we'd call it "bottling" here (which can also mean "losing courage" ... funny thing the English language)!