Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family of 4 Siblings

Day 25 of LOAD 514, the theme is VIPs and the prompt: Sibling Rivalry of Sibling Revelry. Mine was more of an introduction of my siblings:
I found this sketch to use for my layout:
I used the right hand side of the 2 page layout, but it's a good one to hang on to for other layouts.
I used my current counterfeit kit for this layout, got one more layout to do from the green paper to finish up that page kit (feeling accomplished :) and I finally opened up another page pack to get it started on this layout maybe get that kicked before the month is over (so ready for a new kit though :).
 I did not find any pictures of us as a group of 4, the problem with being the youngest I guess :) But I found a few of the older siblings grouped together and used this one from July of 1964.
 Found lots of me and my brother Steve together and just a few of me and Patty together that wasn't from Christmas time (June 1966).
 So this is the oldest/youngest together in 2010 for Charlie's daughter's wedding
 I found this super cute bingo card and had a bit of fun with it
 This is me, Steve and Patty Christmas Eve 2011 (a tradition that has carried on from my family that we get together Christmas Eve) Now there has been issues with my brothers so we don't have complete get-togethers because of it. I seem to be the peacemaker in the house and get along with everyone.
Names of the siblings in order and my age relationship with each.
My thoughts of growing up the baby of the family. Poor Steve I did torment him a bit as I was getting into my teen years, I really didn't care much for him as my babysitter. None the less we are still kinda of close. We don't have the closeness that I see in some families but we are closer than I have seen in other families. This was fun to do and glad that I did do it. Through all the prompts this month from LOAD I have quite a few of the 12 X 12 layouts done for another class that I took that I can tackle and finish up by July which would be fantastic.
Thanks for stopping by today and check back later as I will have another layout from LOAD just a week left, it's been fun so far and I haven't missed a day at all.


  1. beautiful family layout Tina.... nice way to capture the siblings.... you've been very busy wow... your work is beautiful!

  2. Love this layout too Tina! I love how you have these awesome pics of your siblings and glad you have a relationship with each of them. Families are hard sometimes and it shouldn't be. Oh such as life! I really love the layout!! Hugs, Brenda