Monday, December 22, 2014

Around here

Wow it's been almost a week since I last posted! I hope the holiday season is treating you all well
Around here this week has been packed full of Working, Shopping and Wrapping.
Working has been extra hours to have extra dollars $$$$ I was able to finish up a huge project of converting designs for the former business that I embroidered for and got all their files converted gave me what I needed for the hubby's gifts :) Now today I'll finish shopping.
Shopping has been many days in the making started with Black Friday and just about each Saturday after and finally finished up this past Saturday for the family :) We had a blast spending time together and went off track a bit on Saturday to see a train display in Lewisburg, very nice display that you will see in my Dec Daily for this year. Then right back to shopping got done around 8:00 pm :)
Wrapping we have been doing that off and on since we bought the gifts but did finish it up yesterday which we did before I went shopping. It's a tradition for us to wrap gifts together (except for our gift to each other :) It makes it more fun to do together and we keep each other on track with who is who for the gifts,

What's left? Not enough time in the day, lol! But so glad that the plant closed down for the whole week instead of having us work 2 days. Now I got time to finish shopping, wrapping the hubby's gifts, baking cookies and making a dish for to take to the family get together at my Brother's house. Were making a fruit salad for here at the house that needs done yet and we'll be taking some up with us to Tammy's over the weekend. Lot's of traveling to do through the holiday.

Then after Sunday things will start coming back to normal with another week off, should be catching up on what I want to do before December is over ( I know it's just a few days left by this point :) and a week to work on my Dec Daily and a few layouts from the holidays :)

What's left on your list?


  1. Things sound very hectic at your house Tina! I don't know how you get it all done with all you have going on, but glad you have some time off to finish up and enjoy Christmas. I think it is awesome that you and hubby have a tradition of wrapping presents together, that is just so sweet!! I just love the picture of you both wrapping away too! I just got finished up wrapping all our gifts yesterday, only have hubby's to wrap and will do that today after I go grocery shopping for tomorrow night. I am hosting even though it is not my year to-but the person who's turn it is had surgery, so I told her I would do it so she didn't have to use her arm preparing food. I'm looking forward to things winding down and just being able to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Glad that you will be able to do just that too Tina. Looking forward to your Dec. daily too!! Have a wonderful Christmas as we all reflect and remember what Christmas is all about. Hugs, Brenda

  2. Tina, thanks for sharing your Christmas prep. Love the picture. I am ready and excited. After Christmas I hope to catch up on the past week of December Daily!! Hope you have an amazing Christmas and enjoy your time off!! Can't wait to see your DD album!!

  3. You're a busy lady, Tina! I don't look forward to the wrapping of presents - and I think your tradition of wrapping with other people is fun! Merry Christmas!