Saturday, February 14, 2015

Forever Layout

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all got something from your sweetie :) I received a really sweet card and this is how we celebrate Valentine's Day no bells or whistles just a sweet way to tell each other how much we love and adore them :)
So this layout to me is very fitting for today :) It's not about us but about I love that was forever and came alive in a book series and a movie saga, one that is hard to forget.
This was created from the LOAD (Saturday is Rights of Passage) prompt : A book that creates a whole world, the story is so rich. I ponder a bit that day about what books I have enjoyed other than the Bible (the true story) that tell a story so rich and that I still have it implanted in my mind. I've read many books but can only recall pieces of the book where this saga was just a bit different.
It created a different view of what I thought of vampires and werewolves growing up, you know those old black and white movies I would watch during Dailing for Dollars (it came on before the 6:00 news)
 I used the black cardstock on my current kit for a reinforce base and added the starry night sky paper from last month's kit. My journaling based on the prompt, a book that took me to a place that my imagination can be carried away, page after page. The title is in reference to their love and the apple diecut sticker from Reminisce in reference to the first book.
 I used pictures of the 4 books laying on my couch (I decided to read them again, been nice to get back to reading again), the definition of forever and some ribbon I found in my ribbon drawer and draped across the page similar to the cover of the 3rd book. I you would like some of the ribbon, leave me your email address in the comments and contact you for an address to send it to. (it's old ribbon my husband got at a yardsale, but really don't need almost 100 yds of it)
Now these stickers are ones I had gotten from Get Glue when Breaking Dawn 2 was coming out and thought it would be great to use them here. I got most of the characters but missed 2 of the supporting guys when they came out.
This is a story I don't think I would had ever scrapped and journaled if it was for Lain's prompt for LOAD215


  1. I love this layout. It'd be hard for me to chose a book to scrap about as I really only read the Bible and the dictionary!! :)

  2. Not a twilight fan but like your concept layout very much.

  3. What a coo layout Tina!! I love your layout and the pictures you used for it! How fun that you had the stickers to use of the characters. It took me a long while to get into this series, which I have yet to read, only saw the movies. But I intend on reading the books too. Maybe this summer. I think it is a great thing to scrap what books really stick with us and where so popular. I never thought I would have watched this as I'm not a vampire fan. lol But this was great and they didn't really focus on the blood and gore that some do. Now sure what the books do, but am going to read them anyway. Love the sketch too, this was a fun one Tina!!! I'd love some of that ribbon!!! I think you have my email although foolish for you to mail me some. Maybe we can work something out. Hugs, Brenda

  4. What a fabulous and fun layout!! I loved the twilight books!!!

  5. I'd say the color scheme is perfect for your subject. Nice page.