Monday, May 25, 2015

Friends LO

Hi you all I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I did some craftin, cleanin, cookin and socailizin. We had a blast over at Brad and Katherine's on Saturday and lost of pictures to scrap about it. I finished this layout today for LOAD:
This is from today's LOAD prompt: Our Song: Our Song can be applied to so much more than our husbands and boyfriends. We have songs associated with girlfriends, holidays, special events and even last goodbyes. What memory does “Our Song” evoke?
Le Freak was a popular song during 1978 that we just love to skate too. Yep when I hear that song on the radio, I still want to get up and move! but not on skates. My best bud and I went skatin every Friday if I could gather up the money to go, Tim was always there :) Tim and I met through friends, we became the best of friends always hangin out together. We'll back the the rink, they would have overnight skates and usually around 2 AM most of us would start gettin tired and when they put this song on, Le Freak, we were up and movin again.
I used the May 1 sketch over at Sketch N Scrap. I rotated the sketch 1/2 turn counterclockwise for my photo placement. I used Sketch #80
I used all Close to my Heart products too including ink :) 
Most of the layout came from ProPlayer Workshop on the Go, it had this fun stamp set included in the Workshop.
I need to get to the local Library and get better pictures, these are from our Sophomore year in High School and I got the pictures online at I used 3 of the Picture My Life cards from the same ProPlayer line and I used this one to emphasis this picture. Capture the corner detail with some of the glitter paper, embellishments from the kit and a sequin.
Another Picture My Life card for the title block, I used the stamp set I pulled for this month's counterfeit kit for the title of the layout. The embellishments came from the workshop added more sequins too in this spot.
The last Picture My Life card for the journaling block with added embellishments. This was a fun one to do and was glad that this prompt help to bring this story to life a bit.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing the view from my corner of the world.


  1. A fantastic take on this sketch!

  2. A fantastic take on this sketch!

  3. Nicely done - I really like that you rotated it a quarter turn. It was a bit perplexing to me as sketched.

  4. OMGosh, I so remember that song! lol It was a catching, get moving kind of song-one that made you want to get up and get going no matter how tired you felt. lol I love the layout Tina, and I love how you turned the sketch a quarter of a turn. Such fun memories you have too, and I love reading about them!! Hugs, Brenda

  5. I remember those days!!! I doubt I can even stand up on skates now! lol! I love how you flipped the sketch and love the stamped title, so catchy! Thanks for joining us at Sketch N Scrap!

  6. Great take on the sketch. I don't remember that song though. ;) Love your LO.

    1. Tara, that was one of the best songs that came out of the Disco era :) When skating really got popular, Linda Rhonstadt's cover had her in skates. hmmmm you must not be my age :)

  7. What a great layout! I was only 4 years old back in your skating days!!! LOL
    But I love your story and roller skating was huge for my family too. My mom worked at Capital Roller Rink which was directly next door to our house! I would be in my bedroom at night and hear the music booming through my window. There were times before the skating rink opened that my mom would bring me over there and her boss allowed me to skate while they set up the snack bar and stuff. I remember those days like it was yesterday and back then I was about 4 or 5 years old. Great memories! Your layout definitely brought me back to my youth! And then recently for my aunt's 60th birthday party, we all went to a skating rink in Staten Island called Roller Jam USA. We had a blast and it was the first time I was on skates in about 20 years!

  8. Oh man, you sure hit a chord. Got into the city a few times to skate back in that era. Loved it. Roller skates...not so popular here, on the gravel roads in the country.
    Neat to see one manufacturer on a lo, yet you still made it look personal.

  9. Beautiful layout!
    Thanks to joining us at Sketch n Scrap!

  10. Great layout! Thanks for joining us at Sketch N Scrap!

  11. Love how you turned the sketch! Thanks for sharing with Sketch-N-Scrap

  12. What a lovely memory to scrap about, I loved skating in those days too but I only had the streets to skate around in and my wheels would wear out really quickly! Thanks for sharing your friendship page with us at Sketch N Scrap. xx

  13. Oh what a great memory to scrap! Love the way you turned the layout too! Thanks for playing along with Sketch N Scrap! :)

  14. great memory! I remember skating too! fun times! "adult skate" & now "couple skate" LOL! thanks so much for joining us at Sketch N Scrap this month!


  15. Love your take on the sketch!! Great job on adding additional photo to the layout!! Love it. Thanks for joining us at Sketch N Scrap! :)