Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm a ScrapHappy Bunk Buster today :)

Welcome to my blog and to my craftroom :) Hi you all, sorry for the delay if you had happened to be here earlier. I had lots of technically difficulty with trying to upload a video so decided to just take pictures and do the post that way. So here we go:
I am Tina Campbell aka Georgette “Sly Dog” Hains “The Drunkard of Crocodile Islet” This pirate be loaded to the Gunwales on grog! For those who aren't participating in LOAD will not understand what this is about. But this month's LOAD is a Pirate themed LOAD. So mateys lets continue on :) This post is very photo heavy so wanted to let you aware of that. Here is my Booty :)
This is the before pictures of my room and these are the after:
 This is the book case, magazine holder, sewing machine area of the room. I also have my threads here too.
 This is my cricut cartridge area now, my cricut imagine printer cartridges, pictures that need sorted and scraped in various boxes, binder full of die cuts, the blue bag has my genealogy stuff in it.
The top of the stand has the cricut imagine and my clip on stand with base that holds pens, glues, tags, baker's twine, cricut items and rulers.
 I have 4 drawer units. on top of this one is the layouts I have done so far this year that need to be sorted and put away. Top drawer has Alphas, the next 3 drawers has memorabilia that needs scrapped with photos and the bottom 2 have various cards that need to be added to layouts, Project Life or smash books.
 This unit on the top just has some Christmas crafting stuff, mats for my cameo and a catchall of other things. Top drawer holds punches, 2nd drawer has trims, 3rd drawer more punches, 4th drawer has more trims, 5th drawer has vinyl in it and the last drawer has more trims
 This unit from Sam's Club (which I wouldn't recommend it just doesn't hold up) Has smash stuff in the top drawer, 2nd drawer has Simple Stories paper collections, 3rd now has my Paper Wishes Dazzles kits, 4th drawer has various collections for SS, Bo Bunny and so on, 5th has more punches, 6th has mats and manuals for cricut diecut machine, the next 2 drawers has bind it all stuff in it and the bottom drawer has Your Story stuff in it (something that I never used)
This cart the top 2 drawers has lots of little die cuts, flash drives, paper flowers, and lots of goodies like that, the next one has odd paper in it, the 4th one is actually empty, 5th has CutMates paper, 6th has Coredinations sandable paper and the bottom 3 larger ones hold my CTMH paper and SU paper.
 The shelving above my craft desk and carts of drawer (One long wall unit). My photo albums, top shelf has Christmas embossing folders and stamps in the red boxes, computer wipes, UnDo and another photo album
 Smash/Crush books and the bottom section has a tray of various goodies once designated for Project Life, my bind it all, my Xyron 2.5,basket of stamps (not seen) and the basket of variety of things, baby wipes and large ink pad
 This section is filled with cardstock, paper, markers, various notepad and paper for crafting, CM circle/oval cutter, the bottom section has various goodies liquid glass, embossing powder, Dymo, distress inks, brads and things, sickles
 This side has more card stock, doilies, Chalks and daubers, bow maker, box of various things, more stickles and my 12X12 paper pads.
 The top of the shelving has my ribbons, more Christmas stamps, decorative sewing threads, box of envelopes, pictures that need scrapped and my CTMH stamps
 This small unit holds the cards I have made, an empty container that I have yet to decide what to do with, a couple of SU books, the bottom 2 stops contain various things from my embroidery business days plus acrylic paints. (Actually needs sorted through and decided what to do with it.
 This is a metal shelving unit. On the bottom is my old baby bug (original cricut), Your story and my Jukebox
Iris cases full of specialty paper and 12 X 12 drawers marked by color, the center container is a crop hopper that has more specialty paper.
The next one up has more of the drawers for theme paper, and paper by color. A Scrapbook I made for the Moline club my Hubby and I belong too, my envelope punch board, Dec Daily 2015 stuff and a scanner.
The top 2 sections one holds container of journaling pad, more 12X12 paper pads and CTMH Picture My Life kits. The top shelf holds my 2014 Project Life photos to be finished up, Recipe cards that need to be put in the 3 ring binder, Empty CTMH case for more Stamps storage when needed, a Cruise project I need to take on and an empty storage box for photos (a winter project to get them all sorted and put in there for easier to find photos.
 A shelving unit next to my chair, always in arm's reach On the bottom is my cuttle bug, dies and embossing folders. The middle section is more of a catchall, and the top section is the same but the middle holds my 4X6 mat stacks and
 my 6X6 pads in the CTMH container
 cutters usually sit on my scanner/printer
 This will soon hold all my loose little pieces (I've had this for 2 Christmas's now with this plan, time to actually put it in action!
 Under my desk: Typewriter is here that I got at a goodwill store, totes of Albums in progress, CTMH mats, SU border kit, Bag of 12X12 paper, Container of cricut cartridges and more 12X12 paper. (I do love paper :)
These pedistels holds: glitter/flocking supplies, embossing supplies, more pictures and some old card kits, 2 junk drawers with more photos too and my envelopes for sending cards and photo paper.
 CTMH containers: PL cards in the bottom container and washi tape in the top container
 And this all the stuff that was pulled out from behind my seat and next to the carts of drawers Stuff that need to find a home somewhere I have been doing some purging but should do alot more I'm thinking. Up on the steps is boxes of memorbiia that needs to be scraped, a stack of past counterfeit kits still bagged up (will be seperated the 1st of the year and put away), big old box of scrap paper (maybe Counterfeit Kit will use that for a kit one month all scraps and using plain cardstock for the 12 X 12 (hint hint ;)
A closer look, past counterfeit embellisment kits that need seperated and put away (hence the big box for the little bits and pieces) My 2014 Dec Daily that needs finished up and mini that needs finished up and a couple of totes for crops
 My stickers are corral in this box
 My current counterfeit kit sits on top of the one pedestal of drawers
And half of my craft desk that houses y electronic cutters (the cameo is my favorite to use now).
I missed ne shelving unit on the full wall at the end of my desk. That houses the punches I use most often, stamp sets I use most often, Inks and stencils, tapes, markers, more photos, wood stamps, alcohol inks, beads to melt for enamel dots, and odd stamps.
That is my room in a nutshell :) I spend alot of time in it at night after breakfast and some in the morning after work. I hibernate in here during the winter months and when allergy season is strong in the spring and the fall I'm in here quite a bit. Summer and December is when I'm probably least in my room. I think that I'm set for retirement when it happens a decade for now till then I'll enjoy playing with paper as long as I can and when I can :)
Aye Aye to the Captains of the Jolly Sistas :) and Ahoy Me Matey :) Yo Ho Ho :)


  1. What a great photo of you being a pirate! LOL ... super cool! What a nice space you have Tina... you have so much stuff.. just like me! But so glad to see you are all organized and have the storage and shelving to keep you organized. :)
    Thanks for sharing your scrap space with us!

  2. It's great to get a glimpse of your crafty space! I love seeing how others organize - it helps me figure out what I want/need to do in my own space!

  3. Your space reminds me of mine: lots of storage that doesn't have be all the same color and style. You use what works and you know what's where. I love crafting in my space and can see you do too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! What a lot of bits and pieces you have but it sounds to me like you know exactly where all your treasures are and how to find them! So Interesting!