Monday, March 14, 2016

2 layouts for Calvinball

Hi you all, how is your day today ? It's a bit cool here and it's been raining most of the day. I thought best to do some catch up today :) I've been busy doing my Demystifying Clustering with Nicole Jones and have to say it's been a great class. She too is doing Calvinball so cool that I can do her class and use the layouts for Calvinball. What is Calvinball? It's a blast! That is one thing that it is :) Everybody on the forum seems to be having fun and the rules oh my you have to check each day to see what is different and added to the rules :) If your interested you can find out more about it here: Calvinball over at Get It Scrapped Debbie Hodges has some fantastic classes too, a very worthwhile membership.
Here are a couple of the layouts I've done so far this was the 1st layout I did with Nicole's class. What I've been doing is lifting her layouts majority of the time other than a few additions of my own. I used 2 photos in this layout and a different placement of my title.
This layout was also inspired by Whimsical Musings Challenge #36 - Inspired by the Earth This layout also used some old counterfeit kit elements and some from the current kit Camera Crazy.
 I have been enjoying the learning of clustering from Nicole, she makes it so easy to understand it. I used mainly the pinks color to this layout, but brought in some of the teal with the ticket element and that made a nice title effect to the layout too.
 Lots of cut aparts are used in the class, stickers and die-cuts make for nice clusters.
This is my largest cluster and includes my journaling spot too. I have a puffy sticker in each cluster and the sequins too.
My 2nd layout is from her 3rd class: Nifty
 My Grandson, Avery, and his boy scout group doing their community project. I was able to snag this photo and the journaling from the American Legion's Facebook Page. So this fits right into the Whimsical Musings  Challenge #9 Inspired by the voice of others (- copying facebook statuses or wall posts)
 This layout also includes some elements from my current counterfeit kit Camera Crazy and some of last month's kit Color Splash for the paper. A fun little cluster corner here at the top.
Another cluster by the journaling area. Nicole's thoughts on page kitting is like the counterfeit kitting too. You make the kits for each page and just about any picture would fit that kit. When I added the picture to the kit I added the star paper and the wood veneer stars, other than that the rest was in the page kit.
The journaling and the title cluster :) That sticker with the people hand and hand was perfect for the layout :) this was another layout that I followed along with what she did in her class


  1. Looks like you're having a very scrappy month so far1 Nice pages!

  2. Loving these - great bits you are adding!