Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's a March Counterfeit Kit :)

Hi you all :) I took a slight break from scrapping yesterday so I can gather up my March Counterfeit Kit and get my house cleaned up a bit (LOAD does that :). Need more details on what a counterfeit kit is you can check out the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog :) So many ideas there. I first went to see the actual kit, but it wasn't a normal scrapbook kit, but a Project Life style kit. Hmmm so now what ? I watched the video over at Ali's site for the inspired kit and the first thing Ali showed what the stamp set and I focused in on the camera, photos, the telling stories, and the memories of it.

The inspiration this month is the 'Click' Story Kit from Ali Edwards.
So from the initial start of the video and seeing that stamp set I got my list:
The camera, the wonkie heart, the banner, starburst, Photography, click, telling stories, memories, words & phrases. More in the kit, there were plastic word and veener items, chipboard, lots of tags, arrows, circles & 1/2 circles, ovals and triangles and they just about all them had words on them. Gray & Black phrase stickers, Blue Alphas, PL cards: Green/Black/Dk Orange/Lime Green? or Yellow?/ Dk Green. Transparent Pie.
So from that list I came up with my kit:

Camera Crazy

 This is what started the kit off:
 This camera paper is what my kit is based around. It's from the Teresa Collins Quoted page kit
Lets see what's in the drawer of goodies for this month:
 The papers :) Most are cut aparts with just a handful of backgrounds. I grabbed almost all I had SS 24/Seven also SS Daily Grind, Creative Imaginations Travel Kit, Caboodle Kits Playful edition and some stragglers from my stash
 The embellishments and things: Lots of washi tape, 2 thinlits kits, lots of stamps, the container has lots of die-cuts from a K&Company die pack, doilies, veneer, triangle studs, transparencies I got with the Daily Grind collection, 2 paper pads and so PL cards I got from BPC a long time ago,
Chipboard, flat stickers and lots of alpha/word sets.
The 2 Dazzles sets I chose that closely resemble the kit with tags and lots of words.

I will have all my mixed media product available to me as I am taking a May Flaum class this month and that is what the class is about. I'm hoping to use what I create in that class into my crafting this month too :)
Looks like it's gonna be a fantastic class.  
With sticking with my 2016 Word: To-Do 
Last month I did a total of 47 scrapbook pages:  (25) single pg layouts and (11) double pg layouts. I also made 3 cards :) Not to bad for a LOAD month I almost doubled my goal of 29 layouts :) Lots of stories told for sure.
My goal for this month is at-least 31 layouts, and a goal to make 7 cards
This works with my word of the year and with that of setting my monthly goals and breaking them down to smaller goals. It's gonna be a fun month of crafting and it all happens with my Counterfeit Kits made from the inspiration I get at Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.


  1. Yay! Another scrapper who made a huge kit this month! I love your Camera Crazy kit. It's got lots of great color to it!!!

  2. You've got a nice big kit this month and I'm sure you'll have no problem meeting your scrapppy goal, especially when you're taking May's class. I really like that Teresa Collins paper that was the basis for your kit - I've never seen it before. Very colorful and a perfect match to the theme of the inspiration!

  3. WOWZERS!!!! Huge isn't the word - go create girl!!!

  4. Oh, swoon! You will definitely go to town with this kit in May's class!!! Can't WAIT to see what you make :-)

  5. Wow, you are a rockstar!! I love the kit you put together, one of these days I'm going to give the counterfeit idea a try.

  6. Wow, you are a rockstar!! I love the kit you put together, one of these days I'm going to give the counterfeit idea a try.

  7. Love how that crazy colorful camera paper turned into such a plentiful colorful kit. Well done.

  8. Tina, as always, I am in awe! What an amazing kit! I love the idea of a 'starting off point' and the direction that it took you - it looks amazing x

  9. Wow .. So much good stuff .. Luv it. Awesome kit. :)

  10. yay tina on your goals! you have an awesome time with your kit. {{joyce}}

  11. You have a huge-and AWESOME kit!! Good luck, I hope you get a bunch done in May's class!

  12. Wow! Huge kit! So much to play with.