Thursday, November 12, 2015

December Daily 2014 Organization

Hi you all, I've been a bit busy the past few days working on that big bag of stuff for my 2014 December Daily :) With a little crafty nudging from the girls at Let's December Daily I have stayed on top of this part of the process.
The before:
This bag contained most of the stuff that I had saved back from the 2014 holidays :) other than the photos they were in another box. I'm really wanting to catch up on my Dec Dailys (shhhh: I have 2 others boxed up that need done. shhhhh) But I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't even consider doing 2015 unless 2014 was done :) So the nudging has worked :)
So Monday night while watching TV I got all the stuff separated from the bag:
This bag contains all the wrapping paper and shopping bags that I would like to add some to the pages.
This box contains: Receipts, Gift Cards, Dec Daily ideas, Christmas Cards received, and any other thing made or received that month :)
This box contains all the papers, tags. enamel dots, journal cards, rubons, and other things to decorate my pages with :)
So that is everything that was in that bag separated so it's more usable easier to access too.
 I also manged to keep the original embellishment container together that has the washi, embossing powders, tapes, ribbon, twines and anything else related to the season and the holiday.
While I was looking for some Alphas/Numbers to have available I also pulled some extra papers and other fun goodies to use if needed. I know that I have pictures that won't make it into the Dec Daily so this way I can scrap them along the way and I have enough of some that I could probably add to my PL book too. So with this pile and the add on kit I made for my current counterfeit kit I should have enough that I don't need to dig for anything else :) (This I gathered up last night)
Tuesday night I tackled sorting the pictures taken from Oct through Dec 2014 that I had printed during one of Snapfish sales last year:
I thought I had some printed from Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but I have not found them yet Yes! they are found in the actual book I'm using, in an envelope waitin to be done :) So I now have this on schedule for this weekend to work on it a bit. I will also be working on it, on the nights that I watch TV, while I'm watching TV :)
Thanks for stopping by today to check out my little corner of the world.... Are you getting your Dec Daily for this year or any previous years around to work on? So much inspiration over at Let's December Daily :)


  1. WOW! Tina. Just look at all those goodies you have to play with. You are going to have some fun here. Looking forward to seeing your pages.

  2. This is getting me excited!! Love all your December goodies!!

  3. Aw!! You go girl!! You HAVE a plan!! Too cool Tina!! You'll finish this!! I know it! Thanks for the shout out for 'Let's December Daily' too! Your sorted stash looks totally awesome!

  4. Wow! You have so much and now really organised too. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Thanks for linking up with Let's December Daily.

  5. I have so many half started (no, half finished) projects that I really need to organise, but I'm hoping my Journal Your Christmas won't be one of them this time around. Thanks for the link to Let's December Daily - never come across them before so going to check them out - especially if they can inspire you so much!

    Good luck bringing it all together x