Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Hauntings

Hi you all and if any of you are from the Card a Day Blog I welcome you to my blog. Wow this month just flew on by....didn't even have time to make at least one card a week. October should be a bit different and I can at least get a card out a week if not more. Christmas card season is just around the corner and I want to be prepared for it. So enough of that let's talk about today's card:

This card was made with the masking technique which was a ton of fun to do. I did this card in my Close to My Heart club at the local scrap store, so I don't have any extra pictures but I hope I explain it well and will do another card doing the same technique and show the steps through the pictures. The masking technique is to cover part of the card some way while working on the rest of the card. The mask was the circle for the moon. We then chalked the background (with Stampin' Up chalk (got to get me some of that)) in blue and lightly with the black. Took off the mask and colored the moon with light yellow, tore the green cardstock, stamped the image (Close to My Heart stamp set) to stick out away from the green. Taped the green cardstock on added the baker's twine and threaded through the button and tied the knot. Added the sentiment. It was a quick card and alot of fun to make. I want to use this technique for a Christmas card, I think it will be a fantastic was to show off some snowflakes. Thanks all for stopping by and check back, I'll have another Halloween card up soon.