Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 8

Hi you all, here is Week 8:
Week 8: February 18-24, 2013: this week brought a couple of first for me. First insert added and first cut using my Cameo. We make do with what we have and that is shown this week and 2 special events included in the week.
Left Side:
Consisted of Monday night canning the Pasta and Pizza sauce we made. Tuesday I repaired some pants and hemmed a pair too. Wednesday I got some fantastic happy mail, got my swap box from my swap partner-Vicki. We are in the Cricut Card Exchange group on face book and the group does a swap every couple of months. It's fun to receive a box of goodies in the mail from someone else that knows scrapbooking/cardmaking.
Right Side
Consisted of my favorite morning show Good Morning America-Wednesday was the first day back for Robin Roberts since she left for her surgery. It was great to have the team back and so good to see Robin. With that I added a Get-Glue sticker I got way back when I first started get glue. Thursday a typical winter night; Dave and Buddy playing. Friday night I did up my layout of what I thought would look good on the club trailer for the meeting on Saturday. Saturday we went to Gettysburg for the MGCA meeting and Sunday was our youngest grandchild's baptism. It was a good week.
First for me: Added insert for inbetween the 2-page spread:
 This is the front side I guess is the best way to call it. This side has the booklet we got at the church for Zachary's baptism. A collage of the restaurant that we ate at in Gettysburg and where we had the Board meeting. The other pictures were from what we saw on the way to the meeting, the gps was nice enough to take us up through the one road that takes you through the battlefield so that was cool to see along the way. We also passed the train station that Lincoln was at and a random shot of a cool building I saw.
The back side:
 Snapshots of an auto/walking tour that we took of the battlefield. After the meeting, we decided to check out the Battlefield a bit before heading back home and it was just a bit but took an hour, there is so much to see and will need to get there another day for that.The picture of the star statute is one of the PA memorials, I was thinking it was the one that pertained to my ancestor-Charles Baker that was in the war and that infantry (still need to check on that).
Some up close shots:
 The canning jar was cut on my cameo, I thought it was fitting for a journaling block.

 A collage of getting to the meeting and seeing the conference center-the place that was chose for the 2015 MMCI Winter Convention that we are hosting.
Zachary's Baptism

This was a cool week to do and I had lots of fun doing it. I was glad to see all the project life inspiration out there in blogland and on facebook to help me figure out about how I wanted to do the insert. I also have figured out that if I keep my 2 page spread out on my craft desk that when I have a few minutes I can come in and do something with it and it makes go smoother for me than to sit in one session doing it. Should be caught up real soon now, just about finished with week 9 as I typing up this post. Thanks for stopping by today and seeing the view from my little corner of the world.

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  1. Good job using inserts. I've been including them a lot more this year.

    1. Thank you. I can see these being real useful

  2. great job using some many wonderful pictures and adding inserts! love it!

  3. I love that little canning journaling card! And that paper is perfect for the pics on the back of your insert. Nice job!!