Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Penn's Cave 2003

Hello and welcome, I've been working on Audit stuff for the club that my husband and I belong to so no crafting for almost a whole week (I feel like I'm on some kind of withdrawal :). We've been asked to help with the feature tractor next year at Penns Cave-Nittany Antique Tractor Show (It's one of the biggest in our area). So I thought I'd dig out the old scrapbook pages from the last time we were there as a group (me I worked that show as a vendor so I wasn't much help). It was fun to look back a bit.
The show was so big that the layouts were on 4 pages instead of 2. We had a good variety of tractors and hope to do that once again. Lot of the details come from other members and from our newsletter. It was nice to start this project for the club a historical picture album, that one volume is almost full. I'm looking forward to getting back into this album to work on it a bit. This is where sketches really come in handy cause there is now thinking, just putting it together.

I got over the next 2 weeks to get my own prepared, so crafting is going to be at a minimum, but I do have some obligations that I have to fill that will help with the withdrawal symptom...
Till then do you do anything particular hobbies with your hubby or other half? 


  1. I guess traveling would be the hobby that I do with my hubby! We've never been to a tractor show, but we love going to RV shows!

  2. Fabulous layouts Tina! I scrap an album for hubby of the farm, his equipment and the farming he does. He loves the farm and farming and loves that I'm documenting it for him and our children.