Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Workplace Wednesday-2-12-14

Good Afternoon,
Brrrrr today started off with some cold temperatures:

 Welcome to another Workspace Wednesday? I'm kinda liking this day of the week, I can show you all a preview of what is ahead on the blog. It was nice to jhave all the bookkeeping stuff off the desk and preping some crafting stuff for the rest of the week. Oh I still have book keeping to do but I'll do that at the kitchen table now in the mornings till our appointment.

So this is what my workspace looks like this morning:

 Last night, all that was on TV was repeated TV shows, so I was in the craft room. February Counterfeit Kit Challenge also had a Project Life kit to forge so I was working on that last night gathering up the supplies. I'm  planning to work on, a couple of weeks of PL, this weekend. So here is a partial of what the kit looks like. I will be showcasing some new stamps with the page spreads to the stamps are hidden at the moment. Planning to pull the rest of the kit together today.

 This is the other side of the desk, I usually have my laptop right in the center of the desk when I'm crafting. I have a paper pad and a stamp set for a project that I will be doing for Friday, I also have my cinnamon edition of PL out, that is my core kit this year for PL and want to make sure that what I pull in to use with it will work. the plastic container holds the items pulled for Jan CKC that wasn't used (note: Needs to be put away :) The stack of card stock, ink and punch is out so I can have it handy when I type up my blog spots for I think 3 different crafts. Also, my notebook is there for my notes of what I crafted and pertinent details and some scrap notes that need to be transferred into the notebook (this is my way of staying some what organized-so I know what I have posted and what I haven't. Country Life cartridge  and the Graphically Speaking cartridge just didn't get put away yet :)

So that is what I'm working on at the moment, kinda of enjoying Wednesdays off from work too. Was able to catch up with laundry today, chose a ton of designs from the Silhouette store for upcoming projects.

What's on your desk today?
Have a fabulous day

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