Saturday, August 16, 2014

Around Here

Hi you all, thought I would tell you all why I've been missing in action on the blog. I've seen a few blogs do this and thought it would be a good way to explain it.

  • I started a new job last Sunday and I am working 3rd shift
  • Harvest season is really starting to take shape with our garden
  • Little League baseball is in full swing at the moment with us cheering on Taney the team from Pennsylvania
  • Due to the new job, my crafting schedule is way out of whack, I haven't crafted anything since Sunday
Hoping over the next week
  • To get back to blogging my crafting (I've got 2 layouts done and sitting on the desk)
  • To work out a schedule that I'm doing layouts again
  • That tomato season goes very quickly and we are finished by the end of next week
  • To get up and see a few of the games at Little League
  • That the Pennsylvania team makes it to the national championship wit would be the perfect fit for the 75th Anniversary of Little League
You all have a fantastic week.....


  1. Hey Tina, sounds as though your plate is very full just at the moment. I, for one, certainly understand, and I'll bet so will other bloggers. Just do what Life says you hafta do at the moment, and join in again when you have more free & relaxed time. Don't work too hard, and good luck on your new job. 3rd shift is not the easiest of shifts to work either. Wasn't for me, as I could never get my sleep patterns adjusted to it. (which is probably why I stay up all hours now! I can, and do!) Hugs & happy weekend.

  2. You have a full plate Tina! I hope your new jobs goes well for you, although I don't envy you having to work 3rd shift-that's a tough one. Those tomatoes will be so yummy this winter in your meals, so well worth the effort, but I know how time consuming they can be too. I hope it goes fast for you. Everyone will completely understand why you can't craft at the moment and we will all be right here waiting for when you can come back. So do what you gotta do, real life comes first anyway. lol Hugs my friend, Brenda