Saturday, May 2, 2015

Playing Along with May Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbook day to you all :) What better to start off the day then with a new kit from Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. May's counterfeit kit is Everything Old is New Again. Here is the inspiration kit:
 The inspiration is from their very first kit and if you would like to see the post here is a link to the first Counterfeit Kit.

 As I was checking out the hop for this kit, one of the forgers showed off their original kit even said about seeing if they had any of the papers left from that kit. That is what lead me to my inspiration, thought I wonder how much paper I have left from my very first purchased paper pad, surprising quite a bit. Classic Style:
It's a LOAD month ahead so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of paper to work with too, so it's a very large kit this month. Besides pulling in the papers from that original kit, I found so other fun papers to use too that are closer to the inspirational kit from the challenge that I added. 
 I pulled a few precut papers for the kit
 I pulled lots of borders paper too. My kit is a bit brighter than the inspirational kit but a nice mix.
 Variety of embellishments to use too. Found some old stuff and some new stuff I got at Christmas to use this month
 I even found one of the first packs of brad I bought look not even opened yet, I'll have to see what I can do to change that.
 The journaling pads I pulled out to use this month and
the stamps and punches I want to use this month. Thought that it would be fun to use the doily stamps this month.
So that is the kit for the month. Busy month ahead scrapping quite a bit so will post when time is available to do, but I have to make sure I have my layouts done for the day first :) Learned that during the last LOAD.
I plan to scrap most of the day today for (Inter)National Scrapbook Day, how about you what are your plans....



  1. Tina - what a great idea to use so many of your "firsts" for your kit! You've got a very versatile mix of product and I like that you added punches and stamps. I tend to forget about those. Happy scrapping!

    1. Thank you Susan that was fun to pull together :) So far I'm having a blast using it

  2. Wow! That's quite a sizable kit! Fun, bright colors! I bet you have a great LOAD month!!

    1. Thank you Janine :) So far it's been fun and it's only been a few days

  3. Tina, I'm curious - how long does it take to put one of these kits together? And do you keep a running list of topics you want to scrapbook? I don't know if I could come up with 30 things to do in a LOAD month.

    1. Hi ya Emily :)
      Well that depends on the kit :) This one I put together in just a couple of hours. Once I figure out my inspiration for the kit then I get right to it. I'm lucky to have a dedicated scraproom and I'm sort of organized :) I can find some things fast others not so fast. This month my inspiration was my first paper pad so it wasn't hard to go looing for what I may have had left through my paper drawers because the paper would have been on the bottom.
      Some kits can take quite a few hours if I'm looking for something that will match what they have. I'm getting faster at it though, I'm in my stash each month so I'm starting to know where things are and in what paper pads they might be in.
      Not so much a running list of topics but I have lots of photo prints that need to be scrapped and I can usually draw a story from the picture. My interest is more in the sketch and the amount of pictures that I need for it. Right now I'm working out of a box that I had all my stuff on my desk before the holiday crafting and I have been working through that box. There is alot in it so quite a few stories will get told from that. Then I have current pictures that I want to scrap and lost of older pictures to scrap. So I have yet to run out if ideas, just run out of steam more that anything :)
      LOAD is from Lain's blog Layout a Day. The open one is in February now and then this month is being done on the member's site with a few of the girls doing it (Music Mayhem) and then they have one in Oct that is members only. They give you the prompts to work with and it's up to you if you want to use them or do something entirely different, you just need to make the layout that is it :) Yesterday's prompt was about a certain record cover and you could have done it 3 different ways: Colors used, title or the picture. I actually went off prompt just a we bit and used one of Streisand's other songs instead for my layout. So just never know what you might get from one prompt. I do have a small list of things I want to scrap and keep those in a book to check off but I have yet to use the book lots to do with just the pictures I have available. I was surprised the first time I did LOAD and how easy it was to come up with ideas to scrap :) They are there hidden and LOAD just pulls them out of you. I usually do more of myself scrapping for LOADs and the last one with the books was really alot of fun I think the last one of the month in that one got me stumpped a bit and that was the only one I went off prompt on :)
      With the fall season of TV ending, I'll be scrapping more often and enjoy just having the kit to work from it's easy to know what I want to do cause it's there no more looking for the month, by the end of the month I'm ready for a new kit though :)

      I hope this helps and if you have any other questions just ask :) Go over and check out the counterfeit blog too, they just had their NSD thing going on and lots of inspiration there. I think the month before last they had all kinds of tips to help you with building a kit too.
      Your scrappy friend

  4. Your kit is packed full of yummy goodies! You should have no problems getting your LOAD accomplished with this kit!

  5. Wow! A big, bright, beautiful kit! You should get lots of awesome scrapping in this month!

  6. Tina, you'll have lots of fun with all those goodies. Scrap on.

  7. Am JUST now getting around to the May Linky! (feeling a bit frantic about it.)
    Lovely job with your kit. I love having a kit for LOAD, although I have not a spare moment this month to join in :(