Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Carl-2012

Hi you all,

I would like to wish my son a Happy Birthday today! He turns 33 today. Wow is it him getting older or me. LOL when your kids start getting older lookout it makes you realize how old you really are! My son is a freak for Superman, such a collector too. So my card will refrain this and I will have this for you tomorrow. Still have to get it all put together yet, between working Saturday, doing the housework, and everything going on yesterday in the craftroom (doing that organizing thing again) I wasn't able to get near the cricut. I also got my covers cut out for the Marion Smith's 31 day challenge that I'm planning to do now I need to figure out what paper style I want to go with and I will be doing traditional and digital scrapbooking (hybrid scrapbooking I think it's called) and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you. So I'll have more tomorrow on the card I made for my son, Hope you all have a fantastic day.... 

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  1. Happy Birthday Carl!!! My twin boys (I mean men) turn 33 this year too. How in the world did they get that old and we didnt?Enjoy your day!