Friday, January 6, 2012

Snack Mix Recipe Card

Hi you all I hope your day is going well, mine's not to awful bad. I was thinking of the goals I had made for the blog this year and January will be a tight month for me to try to make something and get it on the blog too. So I thought why not include some of the things I did last year that I never put on the blog to fill in the gaps till I get the hang of preparing each day's blog earlier like a few days before. So here we go:

I have been in a recipe swap with my local scrapbook store (sadly she had to closed, but we still get together at her house). A bunch of us get together and do this swap, this year is the 3rd year, it's been a yummy 2 years. The card I did this past December was White Chocolate Snack Mix:

The theme for December was snacks for the longest time I could not come up with anything that I thought would fit for this, but the Sunday it was due I started perusing the internet and came across this recipe and it looked good (I love white chocolate!) so this was my choice for the swap. Here's what the snack looks like:

Not to bad, a little sweet and a little salty and it mixes up quick, it keeps well too. It took less time to go out and get the goods for and mix it than what it took to the recipe card.
So for the card itself not much to it. 6" X 6" Base (I think I used paper from the Christmas pack that I was working with last month) thought red was good with the holiday in December so I chose that for my base color. The actually recipe is on pink copy paper from Staples done in Microsoft Word 2000 and just hand cut. Snake Mix was printed in the same program on matte photo paper and punched with SU scallop oval. The White Chocolate was cut out of SU vanilla cardstock (I think) and the lettering was done on the gypsy with the gypsy font (I think). Love doing lettering on the gypsy with the weld function it makes it so much easier to use the letters when they are one piece.
I hope you enjoy the recipe and this month recipe is "Baked" theme, I'm thinking of doing something with the word baked in it. For now see you later and have a fantastic day!

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