Sunday, April 3, 2016

Disco....A Lasting Memories Challenge

Good Morning you all :) A bit of a flurry day here as the snow is blowing around so far not much of any accumulation. Today is a Lasting Memories challenge and it's a new month of challenges. That means we have a brand new theme and set of challenges for the month  for you over at Lasting Memories! For the month of April our theme is - Musical Montage - and you need to base your layout on the era chosen for each week! For this first challenge it is The Disco Era!
What I created for this challenge:
So glad I have some of these layouts from LOAD515 that I never blogged about that is the perfect fit for this month's theme. Music is such a cool way to talk about your own personal life and what was taking place during that time. So this layout also came from Day 22: Musical Style: Disco. Disco! Can you say glitter, bright lights and big hair? Make a page with a disco feel. That is what I tried to do with the layout is bring out that style of glitter and that glitter ball that was everywhere at that time.
 For this first challenge it is The Disco Era!
What does the disco era mean to you? You can take inspiration from this photo, from a song, the fashion, anything to do with the disco era.
 Disco Era, pictures of me about that time and a list of tunes plus journaling about my feelings about Disco. The disco era to me was a cool era :) I loved the music and still enjoy hearing it at times. The dances that were created was easy enough to do and fun too.I brought in lots of glitter to my layout :) and the glitter ball too.
 My journaling of what I feel about the time period.
A list not in any special order of some of the songs I remember and that were popular during that time period. A couple of pictures of me from 1976. I can't say that the fads of that era struck me, but the music now that was a good time :)
Thank you for stopping by today and we would love to see what you create about the Disco Era and link it up at Lasting Memories


  1. OMGosh Tina, what a fun, fun layout! I remember all those songs and loved each and every one of them. I loved going dancing, although I wasn't good at dancing Disco, it didn't stop me from trying. lol I loved hanging how at the Disco clubs but didn't get to go often, but when I did. Oh boy did I have fun. Love the pictures of you, so fun and so cute!! This was a great walk down memory lane and I have to say tat I still love those disco songs. I know many didn't but I did and still do. lol Hugs, Brenda

  2. Such a fun page!! LOVE the colors!! Sorry I haven't been around lately!!