Sunday, April 17, 2016

In The City

Hi you all and what a sweet Sunday it is :) Gotta get the shorts out and get them washed :) It's that warm out here to enjoy wearing them especially at work, very hot in there yesterday. Today is a new challenge over at Lasting Memories and today it's about Broadway. I was lucky enough to have went to New York in my younger years and got to see Grease. Wow was that a cool play to see at that time. My Mom and I travel quite a bit when I was younger and we did it mainly by bus, my parents didn't drive. So I remember staying at this fancy old hotel and not much more other than the Rialto theater to see the play.
I couldn't find any pictures of us, but I found a postcard of the hotel we stayed at, the memorabilia of the trip and some photos that Mom purchased. The pockets that I created hold the brochures and the book of New York a site guide.
 The left side of the Layout has the postcard of the hotel we stayed at. I also found online the playbills of Grease during that time that we may have had and the 8X8 page In The City became my title and also a pocket to hold the memorabilia brochures and extra photos from the trip. These were a great find going through the box of things of Mom's that she saved and it brought back many memories of a fantastic trip.
 The right side of the Layout I used another 8X8 paper to make the pocket to hold the book (travel guide) of New York. I added a few pictures from the picture pack to the layout and so glad to see the Twin Towers in that pack of pictures. I do remember going up to the top of those towers and seeing the view of New York it was amazing, back then I wasn't afraid of heights and so glad I wasn't. It was a grand vacation.
 My journaling of the trip that I remember and the memories of the experience.
Some of the pictures
 Close up of the pocket and the home for the book, that will be accessible from the top of the page protector.
 The other pocket that has the brochures that Mom collected from the trip and the extra photos. So glad that she keeps a hold of things like this, something that I also do, something we have in common. As I am going through this box of goodies I received from her, I will take the time to find the pictures and try to journal the memories as they come to me and get them scrapped. Something I'll be working on throughout the year.
So many ideas and goals this year, this one will sure be fun as I scrap through those memories.
This layout came about from LOAD515 Day 6:  Time to check out a Performer! How about…
Olivia Newton John! From “Grease” to “Let’s Get Physical” and her brave and public breast cancer battle…she is an inspiration to us all, in one way or another. How does your story relate? Tell it now: The prompt all that came to mind was this trip to New York City when we saw Grease on Broadway! I loved Olivia's music but I really associate the movie Grease with her the most and that brings me back to the play (which I was lucky enough to see before the movie came out by a few years). I made to interactive pockets for the memorabilia from the trip. I could not find any pictures from this trip other than the pack of prints that Mom bought while we were there. This is an experience that I will never forgot and I got to see the Twin Towers too that trip. So it's easy enough to see how this story related to her. Grease is one of my favorite movies and seeing the play was an AWESOME experience, so when I had heard about the movie coming out I was so excited to see if they stayed true to the play and was pleasantly surprised they did very well, great to see the extra that they added to the movie.
So this week's challenge over at Lasting Memories is Broadway: anything to do with Broadway or this photo for inspiration! 
  So that means you could do a layout about your cats, or how about a layout of your kids dressed up as a cat for Halloween, you could use the colors, the possibilities are endless with this challenge.
Love to see what you create from this fun challenge this week :)

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! I love this layout Tina!!! And I love the memories behind it, how special for you to have this box of goodies from your mother. I love how you guys travel too, you must have tons of good memories! Now, I didn't know that Grease was a play before it was a movie! I know I was in my late teens when the movie came out and I too adore that movie. I watch it every chance I get, or ever chance the guys would let me, which was never. lol I'd start out watching it, but then they would come in and take over the tv. I also love that you went up in the twin towers! The NY skyline just isn't the same without them and it makes me sad. So cool that you got to see them and go in them! I am heights challenged, scare to death and have been since I was younger. I love the pockets you made on this page, the paper is fabulous and is just perfect for this layout. Memories, that is what scrapping is all about, it brings those memories back alive in our minds and lets us relive them. I'm glad that you had this memory to scrap Tina. Hugs, Brenda