Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Want My MTV

Hi you all :) Working quite a bit at the new job this week :) So I guess I need to start scheduling posts so the blog isn't so not happening during the week :) but today I got something for you :) Today is the new challenge for this week over at Lasting Memories. With this month's theme of Music Montage this week's challenge is the 80s'! Remember the 80s' this to me by far had to be my favorite era when it came to music there was so much changing in music but lots of fun changes. My layout of the 80s'
The 80s' brought new music to TV with videos :) oh my I loved MTV.

  LM 288 -The 80's - Dawn of the Digital Era

This is the challenge :) Take it any way you see fit,  it's anything about that time frame.
This layout came about from LOAD515 Day 26: As seen (heard!) on TV! You can’t help loving the music from TV; theme songs, MTV, Dick Clark, commercials! Tell the story of how your life has been touched by TV music. This is the story of how my life was touched by MTV
1981 was when MTV came out, so cool! Also it was the year this kiddo was born, my son Steven. I got some personal journaling to do yet about how music has evolves just in my life time and that year that MTV came out and how it was a help for me as a Mom at this time
 My son Steven :)

I look forward to seeing your creation about the 80s :) Chat later and I wish you a great day today :)


  1. LOVE this 80's layout!! Plus I just love the 80'S. So fun!!

  2. Love, love, love this layout Tina! I too, love the 80's music. I moved here to PA in the 80's and started watching MTV for the first time. It was my go to channel when I wasn't interested in watching TV but wanted to watch music videos and listen to music. Love to dance in the living room/kitchen while the videos and music played. lol Yes, I did love the 80's, my late 20's and 30's were the best of my life. You have brought back a lot of memories with this layout! I love the background paper you used and I love the design of this layout. Your pictures are just darling of your son. Is that you in the lower right corner? Looks like it is and I love it of you. Thanks for the trip down memory lane my friend! Hugs, Brenda