Sunday, May 15, 2016

On The Pennsylvania Road

Good afternoon :) If your are looking for the Sketches in Thyme Project Life Style post you can find it here

Lasting Memories has it's new weekly challenge today. The theme of the month is All About the Photos and the challenge for this week is Only One Photo! This is usually a struggle for me as I like to use lots of photos on my layout to tell the visual story, but the 1 photo layout is very popular at this moment, you can see alot of this on the sketch challenge sites too. Since it's LOAD month, I thought I would use a layout I made from a previous LOAD:
This layout is about my retired business, I come across this picture when I was looking for something else (isn't that usually the case), thiis was a picture that I received from one of my customers. I'm looking forward to finding many goodies as I sort out my old truck to prepare for a planned layout. Thinking I have lots of memorabilia of when I was on the road and at shows, that are gonna tell some fun stories. But this story is based on LOAD216 Day4: Theme is Language and the girl that did the daily layout did one one her native country and how there are so many visitors that there are different tones of accents. So that is what I decided to base my layout on the different accents just in Pennsylvania! I did some research and boy was it interesting to learn so much about the state I live in.
This is just some of the information about our state accents that I gathered (there is so much information out there!) Pennsylvania is home to six dialects! Based solely upon pronunciation and grammar, researchers generally split the United States into a number of linguistic regions. Those regions come together in Pennsylvania — which makes the state kind of a crossroads of the English language. Fascinating :)
 I found this fun clip art of the state and print and cut it out to use for my title (which I have to give credit to our local channel 16 they have a segment called that) I highlighted where I live withe the foam heart
My own personal journaling about the accents :) After traveling to so many different tractor shows in the state, it was uncanny the different accents that I got to hear just being in a different area of the state. So this was one fun layout to do and another layout for my All About Me album that may produce another just on my business album.

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