Sunday, May 29, 2016

This Makes Me Cry

LOAD516 Day 10 had a very interesting prompt. It was a Tuesday which is I Feel, the prompt for the day: What makes you cry?
I cry for various reasons. A good movie can make me cry, A happy or sad event can make me cry, weddings usually bring on the tears. Pain will bring on the tears. So what shall I do for this layout? Hmmmm well let's see what made me cry last:
Yes it's my allergies, tis the season for me :) when they act up the most, but it was this little air freshener that really got me tearing up. Yes my allergies are that sensitive. I used various counterfeit kits I have on hand for this layout :) Some from this month's Sunny Breeze kit: The border stickers of Months (for my time of the year for allergies, the spring and the fall) Should make a month of using up a past kit at a time till they are gone!
I used the sketch over at Scrapbook Challenges Sketch #482
I had fun using the floral paper for the swooping of the misting on the sketch. I used a meme for the one photo and that included my title up in the block plus some fun trim.
 The journaling
A close up of the photo block. Thank you for stopping by once again today :)

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  1. Great to see so much journaling and so creative to use the meme! Kate (SBC)