Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Best Day Ever

LOAD817mini Day 6 was a double page layout for this prompt: In Now and Then Roberta pretends that she drowns to play a joke on her friends. Chrissy isn’t impressed, and lets her know with a right hook! Scrap about a joke or surprise. You can feature a happier surprise… and not one that ends with a right hook!
We do like to have fun preparing for the annual Easter Egg hunt and it's interesting what Dave comes up with for tricks to play on the kids :) Really isn't that what an hunt is for to hunt for the objects :)
 These were some pictures that I took during the prep work for the Easter Egg Hunt this past year. Some of the hidden things were the packs of twizzlers and this one was hidden in the tree, there were 4 packs all together that was hidden :)
 The left side of t he layout has Dave placing around the eggs and some of the  spots we added eggs.
 The right side a selfie of me and the broom corn field that was from last year's growing season :) It made for a great place to hide the eggs :) and our usually chip/snack tree :)
 I had fun with the journaling in strips. I used alot of Close to My Heart Hopscotch workshop for the layout and that teal ribbon :) I still have some of the left.
A close up of the flowering bush and the twizzlers hidden inside it :) 1 more layout to document for LOAD817 mini and I'm done posting for the day :)

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