Friday, December 8, 2017

Adulting Today layout

I created this layout from the help of LOAD1017 I've got a Secret Day2:
…to successful adulting document how you stay organized 
Not the planner type girl more of the post-it, list it on a scrap of paper type girl. Used scraps from SS Daily Grind collection for the layout:
 I also got inspiration for the layout from a sketch over at The Memory Nest #95
Love the layering of the sketch :) I'm not one for huge letters for a title, but I used the largest ones on the sticker sheet that came with the Daily Grind collection.

Close up of the pictures. We use a planner for our daily journaling
The title.
Thanks for stopping by today :) Will have the last sketch needed for the Fall Frenzy challenge over at The Memory Nest up in a bit :) Need to make 1st :)


  1. What a fun layout Tina! I am a scrap paper lister too. lol I use old junk mail envies to write stuff down on. Crazy, but it works for the most part. Love the title of your layout and love the picture of you writing. Such a cool layout! Hugs, Brenda

  2. Love the layering and the pictures!! Thanks for playing along!!

  3. Love this layout! I am a planner girl sort of - I basically make To Do lists in my planner and assign tasks to certain days!