Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 7

Hi you all, slowing but surely I'm moving forward on Project Life. Getting closer to having 2 months completed. Here is week #7:
Week 7: February 11-17, 2013, Consisted of being sick and Valentine's Day all in the same week.
Left Side:
 Consisted of a Week card block that stated both parts of the week, I was so sick on Monday that I never took a picture, so I found a really fun cartoon online of being sick and stayed home avoiding any one. Tuesday I was asked to come in so this is the way I felt trying to work. Wednesday I finished up my taxes for the appointment that night. Worked on it off and on (still sick). Found out that I made to much money so I owed in.
Right Side:
Started off with the 14th, so I got pictures of our cards, see we celebrate loving each other everyday so we don't do anything huge for Valentine's Day, but I love to make the hubby a card and he got me the cutest card this year. Added a few fill in cards and a picture of the valentine that we got from our youngest grandchild, it was so cute! Saturday tried to do some cleaning and Sunday I did a 2-page layout for Creative Cutting Challenge blog for that week's particular assignment. Since I was sick most f the week I got mine in a bit later than what I wanted.
Some up close shots:
 This shows that really cute cartoon and part of my week in review. I also added the little note I got from Barb my leaded for BSF with my notes this week.
 I found a really cool sticker pack that has a variety of items about work and about coffee and Tuesday and Wednesday pictures worked perfect for some of the stickers so they were a fun addition.
This week's spread was fun to do, I enjoyed changing it up a bit and used the Colorbok paper pad for the left side and My Mind's Eye: 6X6 A Happy Heart for the rights side which was most fitting for that part of the week.
Coming to find out that if you choose just one paper pack to work with, you can get alot of pieces for PL out of it, more than what I want to use through out. So when I hit spring I'll probably change to another paper line for a bit and use the left over cuts for front of cards or maybe I'll have a blog candy drawing with the left overs. Stay tuned to see, got at least 4 more weeks of spreads till I get to spring.

Thanks for stopping by toady and seeing the view from my little corner of the world......

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  1. That little drawing about being sick is cute!! I like how you combined more colorful things with your Documented paper pad. You know how I made a little PL kit at the beginning of the year? I have definitely switched it up with paper since then. There's too much cute stuff out there, and there's always something new. I got a little bored with my kit after using it exclusively for a few weeks. So I've bought some MAMBI cards at MIke's, used free printables, used Echo Park cards I got at HL, and more. For my pages, I like more of an eclectic look I guess!