Friday, January 10, 2014

Sorry It's been so Quiet-1st Layout

Hello all
Sorry the blog has been so quiet, not the way to start out the new goals for the year. January can be a tough month for me to get time to craft, with closing of my business books for the year, closing of a club that we are involved in-their books for 2013, and work has been quite busy. I have a strong list of to do items for the month and looking forward to some crafting over the weekend. I've joined a new class at Big Picture Classes and taking on a Fresh Start mini workshop at Simple Scrappers so that has been taking my time too. So how about a throw back to the very first layout I ever did and it's still a work in progress album:
This is the layout that started my obsession with Paper Crafting-this was made in 2007. A friend and co-owner of the place I do subcontract work for invited me to my first crop. She said all I had to bring was what I want to work on. So I chose a vacation that we took in 2006, I got the pictures, some memorabilia and some clip-art for embellishing (you know how tough it is to find tractor theme items that aren't John Deere). She provided me with the album/protective sheets, a tape runner and the cardstock to use. This was a fun day for me, there was abut 15 girls there and it was great to walk around the room and see what everyone was working on that help me to got started on this first page. Would I change it? Not really it shows where I have come from in my paper-crafting growth over time. The album itself hasn't been finish and I better put that on my to-do list for this year cause the memories won't last forever and I want the first one done before we as a club do another convention in 2015. The first few pages will look so much different than the last pages of the album and it'll be fun to see that change in styles.
So as I go through the Fresh Start mini-workshop, I'll be able to see where I want to head this year in crafting and be blogging along the way, I will take assess over the weekend of what I have blogged on and get what I have finished over 2013 that hasn't been blogged staged for the weeks ahead. Happy crafting.....


  1. I love looking back at old pages. Even though the pages make look different from what we make now, the stories are just as important. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tina, Happy New Year, and thanks for your visit. Zipped over to say thanks for your congratulations on my recent goal. It took a while, and I was so excited. I enjoyed reading your 'beginnings' post and think your 1st layout looks pretty good to me! I don't scrap and wouldn't have a clue as to how to start. This Life business sure gets in the way of the craft business, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the Life (Job) is important to get the Craft resources though! Blog when you can, and I'll enjoy looking at your projects. Hope you get some craft time over the wkend, and it's very rewarding to see where you started and your improvements along the journey. Blogging is also a wonderful way of making new, encouraging friends who share your creativity. TFS & Hugs

  3. beautiful layout Tina... looking back at the things that we made gives us a nice feeling...
    Moxie Craftie