Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3rd Grade

Good Morning. Today I have a layout from Day 14 of LOAD215, it was a Saturday, the theme was Rights to Passage and the prompt was A book that was read to you aloud or a book you read aloud.
This is possibly a picture of me from the 3rd grade (nothing marked on the back) but by looking at other pictures from that same year it's awfully close. This was a framed picture my mom gave me years ago, they have been sitting on the entertainment center since then, but recently decided to pull them out of the frames and get them scrapped. Now there is more room on the stand for more Grandkid pictures. I went with a red and blue color theme for the layout with a side of black. I used a past counterfeit kit.
 3rd grade I remember our teacher reading to us (this is my earliest clear memory). Most likely I was read to in other grades but that grade I remember, I can picture the room and where she sat to read to us. In the speech bubble is just t few of the books I remember being read.
 The journaling block
 Some fun with some rub ons and a fun block to add to the layout (I know I got in trouble for this quite often :)
More doodling with rub ons
This was a fun prompt and posted on facebook my DIL posted a picture of the boys, Zachary reading to Tristan just so cute and would have fit in well with this prompt but just a few days to late. But will certainly be scrapping the page soon enough. You all have a fantastic day, stay warm....


  1. Nice picture! What a great memory. Great job with the prompt! It's a sweet page. Fun rub-ons! :)

  2. GOod job using up older papers and some rub ons!

  3. Fabulous page!!! I love that sweet picture of you!!!

  4. What a fabulous layout Tina! I love the prompt and you have use the perfect picture for it. I love old school pictures from back in the day because it shows that school pictures really haven't changed at all. I too remembered when the teacher would read and I would totally get lost in the story. My reading used to get me in trouble at home because I would get lost in the story and wouldn't hear my mother calling me. Lost many a good books that way! A book was something that could take me away from my abusive life to a whole new world and I loved it. Still love reading and can get wrapped up in a book. Yep, I am totally loving this layout! Are you guys supposed to get any of this snow that is coming tonight? I hope not! Come on Spring!! lol Hugs, Brenda

  5. My LOAD page for this prompt was about 3rd grade, too! Great using that photo & your February CKC kit - that must have come in super handy for LOAD.