Saturday, January 9, 2016

26 Books in 2016 Reading Challenge

Happy Birthday today to my oldest Son :) You know your getting old when your oldest is getting closer to his 40s. He's got a few years yet, but....... But I did want to wish him a Happy Birthday before I started this post :)

The new list is up for 26 Books in 2016 Reading Challenge

I'm looking forward to trying this challenge again :) Even though I didn't complete the whole challenge last year, I did have fun and enjoyment reading again :) What made this challenge fun was I was READING again :) also finding a book to match up with the challenge. I was reading books I wouldn't normally read and I see the list for this year is gonna be just as fun. Per Erin  "Going into 2016 - even if you don't think 26 books is a manageable number for you to complete...or even if some of the prompts don't interest you - give it a go! Once you get started, you might surprise yourself! No amount of reading is ever a FAILURE in my book." Well said Erin :) So this year she has a check off list 

OK - HERE are 2016's prompts!! 

Now to decide on which one I want to read first ................

Will you give it a go?


  1. Now, if only I had heard of this challenge before taking on the Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016 (which is a slightly more challenging 52 in 2016!) I wonder if I can combine the challenges somehow? Either way, I would love to keep up with the books you read - and would be more than happy to swap ideas! x

    1. That would be fantastic Clair :) I have a few on my end table I want to tackle this coming year

  2. Yay! Glad you're back into reading. Not sure if I'm following this set of prompts this year or not... I have lots of books I want to read though! Shooting for 30 books this year.