Sunday, June 26, 2016

We Are Railfans

Lasting Memories last challenge for this month's theme All About Me and this week's challenge is I Love To.... Now there is things I love to do, go to new places and see new things. I enjoy doing them with my husband and we have been checking out alot about the railroads in our area including the museums:
This was interesting to find out that we were Railfans, a nickname for us :)
The left side of the layout pictures of various places we have been.
The right side of the layout has that cool postcard and pictures taken at the house.

Closeups of the layout:

The pictures here are my husband's collection and also a few of the trains that go past the house. It's cool to be so close to the tracks :) When I first met my husband and moved in it took some getting used to sleeping with the trains going by bu after a couple of months it just becomes a normal thing like background noise :)
My journaling :) I had fun creating this layout and something we do love.............
I look forward to seeing what you all create and link up over at Lasting Memories


  1. Isn't it funny how train noise goes away after a while? My grandparents lived right beside the train tracks!

  2. This is a cool layout Tina! I am so loving the pictures and the journaling. You and Dave do do a lot of fun things together, just the way it should be!! I loved the journaling, who knew there was a name for this?! I don't know if I would ever get used to a train going by close to my house. lol I can hear the distant trains at night in bed, so one right close by, I just don't know. I never got used to the traffic on Rt. 116 when I lived in my apartment in town before Dwayne and I were married, the trucks woke me up at all hours. I was so happy when we married and I moved back into the country! lol Although Rt. 116 is only a mile up our road. Go figure! But we don't hear the trucks, so all is good. Hugs, Brenda