Sunday, August 5, 2012

American Bandstand Smash Style

Welcome to our Tribute to Dick Clark, American Band Stand, 50's Style Blog Hop!! Who remembers getting up on Saturday mornings to dance along to the American Bandstand?  The actual American Bandstand show started on August 5, 1957. This is why we decided to bring this hop all the way back to the 50’s. So sit back, shake your booty, do the hula hoop, or have a Coke float and come hop with us. We have some talented women that have joined this hop! If you would like to start at the beginning please go to Pamela's Blog
And of course we wouldn't forget the CANDY!!! For the Grand Prize, Melissa from Kadoodle Bug Designs is offering a $15 GC to her store!!!!!                
To be eligible, all you have to do is:
Stop by her fan page,, LIKE it, if you haven't already, & post a comment saying you are from the hop. And then visit everyone's blog and leave a comment.
Here is our line- up
  1. Pamela ~
  2. Colleen ~
  3. Jennifer ~
  4. Tina ~
  5. Amanda ~
  6. Maria ~
  7. Jennifer J ~
  8. Tonya ~
  9. Cathie ~
  10. Miriam ~
Hi all and welcome to my blog. I hope your enjoying the hop today. Dick Clark was an influence in my life and the show American Bandstand was a huge part of life. This was the go to spot on Saturdays at home or a friends house we made time to be in front of the TV for this show. This is where I learned to dance and kepted up with the latest dances, rate the record was a cool spot on the show after seeing it here and if I liked it then I was downtown to the local store getting the 45. Yep life without bandstand is unimagineable for me it rocked my world! 

 If you came from Jennifer then you are dancing on the right track. Now I must send you dancing along to Amanda
Don't forget, to win the candy you must stop by all the blogs and give some love!!
Dick Clark you will be missed!
November 30, 1929 - April 18, 2012
Thanks for hopping with us!!
 I hope your enjoying all the creations along the hop today. Leave a comment and you'll be in the drawer for some candy here to besides the big prize.
My blog candy-Just leave a comment today and your in the draw. I will post the winner on Tuesday.


  1. Cool pages!! Awesome job TYFS :) And ty for the chance to win


  2. This is so cool!!! I never saw American Bandstand, so reading your little story about how much it influenced you is great!! This is a great way to remember all those memories too! SMASHING! ;)

  3. Love all the pictures you have! Very neat to have and look back on over the years.

  4. Love these pages! As I'm reading your pages, I am hearing all their songs in my head =) I think this whole era has influenced many people, and continues to do so. You are inspiring me to use my Smash Book! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us =)

    Jennifer F.

    1. I'm so glad that I'm inspiring u! I love my smash book and I think you'll enjoy yours too. This is what the book is all about-us (YOU) It's a book where we put what we love and enjoy for other to read and understand what made us tick. Enjoy!

  5. fabulous Tina! what a neat project...this is what I want my smash book to look like when I grow up! lol great job!!!

  6. great project thanks for sharing


  7. I love your project and great minds think alike!!! I also remember those Saturday mornings waking up and watching the show.... Where did you get all those great pics?

    1. Oh Google is the best! I found everything online for this project other than the picture of myself. Wish I would have had pics from Jr High of some of the dances I went to for this, but no such luck so went with my age instead. Thanks so much for the comments

  8. Great job, so many memories can be recalled through those images. I hope this brought back good ones for you...

  9. Awesome book!!!... I wish shows like AB were still on :)

  10. Yippie! Yahoo! I LOVE to smash! I am a smasher myself! You did an outstanding job remembering him and the show! Thank you so much for sharing your wicked cool project on this fun hop!