Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Favorite Animal Smash page

Sorry you all running a little late today on posting, I seem to be struggling with the time change.

Looking through my Smash books posts found that there are a few I never posted on, wow that is a surprise. Thought I would have been all over this since it's one of my favorite things to do. This 2-page spread came about from a challenge that I was working on, still in process of finishing it, but here is Day 2: Favorite Animal. My favorite animal will always be a dog of some sort or breed, while growing up we always had dogs at home, but that is for another day and another page. For this one, my favorite animal are the boys we got at home now and their particular breed:
These are our boys Jake and Buddy and on the left page is a printout of what breed they are and explains about the breed: Australian Cattle Dog specifically they are Blue Heelers. In PA this breed is unusual, but as of late more people know of the breed as people bring them in from other states. I surrounded the write up with descriptive trait words of the breed that I did with my brother label maker, the included arrow is from Close to my Heart that is pointing towards the picture. The picture is surrounded by bits and pieces from my stash, scraps of paper from other projects, ribbon, and stickers from sticker sheets I imagine that are in the dog paper drawer, yes I have a specific drawer for the dogs. I thought it turned out well and sums up the breed well to.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing the view for my little corner of the world, have a fabulous day!

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