Saturday, May 27, 2017

WACC Graduate

Good Morning and welcome :) It's been a great LOAD month with lots of layouts created, but with that comes a quiet blog :) I'm not one to have time to create and to blog too :) So lots of challenges to blog over this weekend to get the entries into the right challenges. But today I'm the designer for LOAD517 Legends of Hollywood! 
Day 27 from Scrap Happy

Day 27, Titanic 1997, genre: love story

Prompt: “I’m the king of the world”. Share your best day ever, or I’m at the top of my game moment. 
I know, the "best day ever" can be a bit of a scrapbooking cliche, but let’s embrace the excitement and feeling of a fantastic moment or event for this layout. To get you in the spirit you may wish to watch this clip: king of the world

This has to be one of my best day ever!
I embraced one of the best days ever in my life, graduating college. Who can't feel fantastic at that moment in your life. The Polaroid pictures are: on the left my Mom and I and on the right Me. The lower picture was the one I received when I got my degree. This was a great achievement of my life with raising 3 of my 4 kids at the time and working seasonal jobs during my college life there were alot of sleepless nights and getting a nap here and there when I could. I added a metal crown in part of my one cluster paying homage to the prompt. the tassel included has gotten a bit dull and dusty with time, but still worth the hassle it took to get it :)
It took me a bit to embrace this prompt the day I saw it, wondering about my life and what I have achieved and boom there it was! I had to scrap this moment. One I've been putting of and avoiding for a long time for some odd reason but this prompt helped developed the story needed for this layout and that is one of the best things I feel you get out of LOAD those kinds of stories :)
Some close ups of the layout:
 I used a project life card for a layering mat for the photo I received from the college. I used up quite abit of the metal pieces from 7 gypsies Charming Flea Market Findings pack.
 Some of my journaling I had alot to say so went off the journaling spot and onto the layout background
 Rest of the journaling
 Very proud to receive that tassel :) I added the metal crown to pay homage to the prompt :)
 Closer look of that cluster.
 This layout was created last month with my Counterfeit Kit: social Butterfly plus I used items from my craft desk that was sitting there from challenge over at the 100 Pattern Paper Challenge facebook group.
Thanks for stopping by today :) I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend :) I plan too. There will be a few posts over the weekend if you want to come back and check them out.


  1. This is a great layout!! Bonus: it made me realize I've never documented my pharmacy school graduation!

  2. I'm in awe of you Tina! Good for your for getting your GED and then attending college to boot! You will be an inspiration to many I'm sure!!! I graduated high school, but didn't move forward with any other schooling. Never really regretted it until now, and now only a little bit. I love the layout and so glad you got this amazing moment in time in the books!! I love that the tassel has lost it shine and is a bit dusty, it just goes to show just how far in life you have come! Hugs, Brenda