Monday, February 29, 2016

19 Hours

It took me 19 hours to get to Des Moines, Iowa from Williamsport, PA. Yep Map Quest lied to me :) it said it would take approximately 15 hours, thinking oh I can do this and probably get there a little faster if I drive a bit faster than the speed limit! Not!
This is LOAD day 16 Transportation: Car as soon as I heard that it was car this was the 1st thing that popped into my head, a story I tell very often so that should be the one I scrap.
I have pictures of the hotel and the view from my hotel. I had kept the map and cut that apart to add to the layout like it was scrap paper. Cut outs from the brochure I received for membership, lots of travel related embellishments and some journaling too. Pictures of the ride home too some of the huge farms along the highway, a very flat highway. I made sure to make it a 2 day process going home with staying over in Indiana. This layout is packed full!
I used the sketch over at Let's Scrap for my layout inspiration

The essence of the layout is there, I used alot of the clustering blocks with the map and journaling spots.
 The left side of the layout has the Map, a view outside the window of my room, When I walked out of the hotel to the city view and that awesome waterfall. Lots of vactaion style stickers and cutouts. Veneer arrow pointing to the destination and 19 Hours is in foam style thickers. The No. 01 refers to this is my first NNEP Embroidery Event, a  convention and business trade show.
The right side holds a picture of some of the banners of the companies that are there. The front of the Road Map has the date, The journaling block there talks of my drive. Some fun traveling embellishments, another small cut out of the map with that interesting word sticker and a couple pictures of the farms I saw on the way home off the highway. (Lots of flat land, something I'm not use to :)
 The views
 The title section
The journaling
 A small map of the state and an interesting sticker
 The picture of the farms I saw (so flat :) the hubby would love to farm that soil) The wood veneer journey actually points to the car punch-out
A closer view of the trade show. It was an experience for sure. They crammed alot into 2 days with the last day we could venture the sales area. I planned to get a hotel half way home so wasn't in to much of a hurry to leave. I used my current counterfeit kit Color Splash and my travel theme stash.


  1. Wow, what an awesome layout, love the stunning detail and photos!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Let's Scrap! xx

  2. MapQuest doesn't always seem to be too reliable does it? I like that you added the map to your page - looks like it was a fun but busy trip.

  3. OMGosh, I can't believe you drove to Iowa all by yourself Tina! It sure made a great scrapbooking layout though! lol We drove to Iowa too, and it took us about 18 hours. We first went to Watertown, NY and then from NY to Ruthven, Iowa. Yes, a very long drive! We used a GPS to get us there. We have had Map Quest give us times that didn't work out either. lol I am just so impressed that you drove that far all by your self. I don't even like to go to town by myself! lol Of course I have to now....Great layout my friend! Hugs, Brenda

  4. Fantastic layout, so much to look at, with so many details. thank you for joining us at Let's Scrap xx

  5. Great work! What a wonderful way you have documented a trip!