Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mom's Ham "Popeye" It's a Pennsylvania Dutch thing

Yes you read that right Ham "Popeye" :) This is LOAD day 14: Food. I decided early in the day what I was going to do, I think the inspiration was from the layout that was done for the LOAD video that the girl's favorite dish was not a favorite of her family so when she visited her Mom they always had it then so she can enjoy it. Well that made me think of one of my favorites from growing up, but my family loves to have it, it's a treat for us.
This layout is very heavily journaled I wanted to tell the back ground of the Ham Popeye we all love. Well of course with all that journaling going around in my head we had to have popeye that night for supper. So pictures of all the steps were taken and makes up the collage photo. I found a favorite photo of my Mom and lots of fun foody embellishments to tie it all together.
 Collage of the process of making photos
 My mom :) Besides being my mom she was a great friend too. We had her over the day she taught me how to make popeye, (it's all in the way it feels she said, you don't want it to wet or to dry she said in reference to the dough) at that time I wasn't scrapping didn't know anything about it so never thought to take pictures. But I have the memories and can draw from there for this layout
The journaling.of the history of the name, the recipe history and my fond memories of this dish of comfort food. I used my current counterfeit kit Color Splash and some food related embellishments from my food scrappy stash.

The recipe is pretty basic and easy. Ham, broth with water boiling in the pot. 4 cups of bisquick mixed with 2/3 cup of milk. Roll thin and cut out the squares of dough add one at a time stirring quite often to the pot of boiling meat and simmer with lid for 20 minutes checking every so often that it has enough liquid :) That's it The rolling for me takes the longest. When we have roasted ham we plan for a couple of these meals and freeze the ham and broth together :)


  1. I'm so glad that you put this memory down on the scrap book page Tina! I wasn't sure what ham popeye was, but soon I kinda' figured it out. lol It is what we call slippery potpie. No not a pie, but a stew. We do slippery chicken potpie and beef as well. Don't think I've had it with the ham though. But still think that it is the same "dutch" recipe. Although I never made the dough. Always got them at the Country Market. Just never bothered trying to make them. I think hubby's mom made her noodles though. That is a beautiful picture of your mother Tina. Glad you did this layout and paid tribute to her recipe. I can also see maybe a kid not hearing right and calling it "popeye" instead of potpie. lol Hugs, Brenda

  2. What a great way to document an important family recipe! Beautiful!