Sunday, February 7, 2016

Park Hotel LO for Lasting Memories challenge

If you are looking for my Sketches in Thyme Project Life Style post you can find it here

Today is also a new week and a new challenge over at Lasting Memories :) This layout came about from LOAD5 prompt which was Landmark and the color challenge for this week over at Lasting Memories.
I used sketch #231 over at Simple Scrappers for inspiration :) as a member I have access to older sketches :) We recently went into this building for a model train expo so I knew this would be the first landmark I would do for our area. One of the oldest building in our are and it covers our lumber era heritage as well as our railroad history. I was surprised at some of the information I researched today about the hotel.

 Lasting Memories Challenge

And to get on with our next challenge this month... we are focusing on "THE BLUES."  Here is our second color combo with a one new color twist.  Love what we are seeing so far!!
LM 279
 This is the color challenge this week :) Thank goodness my Brighter Year Ahead Counterfeit kit had all those blues in it :) That is where I came up with my papers for my layout. Yep :) I'm still working through last month's kit :) Tomorrow is looking to be a fine day to gather up my kit for this month :)
This inspiration picture has such a beachy feel to it and just may be the way you go about doing the challenge, but I went just with the colors for my layout, LOAD takes priority over the subject matter for the layout :)
 The journaling was what I researched on the internet about the Hotel. I did that in Word and printed it out on Lt blue printer paper (looks more blue in person than here in the photo.) I used a scrap of the navy w/white stars paper and my MS punch for the swirly doily edge and added the red stars from the red paper I used on the top of the layout.
I found these 2 photos on the internet of what it looked like in the early days. the other 4 pictures are from what I took when we were there in November 2015. Since this layout is about the Hotel as a Landmark I just used the date of the LOAD prompt (the date I created it) and just noticed I have the wrong year there and just now changed it :) Other than the the missing 2 floors the building hasn't really changed all that much. It's a beautiful old building.
I enjoyed doing this layout and I also learned a bit about my local town history. I have a funny feeling that this month's LOAD is going to be doing a few layouts of my town's history and thinking it just may be a good subject to cover for future generations to see :)
Well I had a great day yesterday at the crop, I did 6 layouts 2 double page layouts and 2 single page layouts. The 1st post I did today was 1 set of the 2 double page layouts :) Lots of blogging this week :) Until then thank you for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to in my little corner of the world.  I hope to see you "The Blues" creations real soon over at Lasting Memories


  1. What an amazing layout Tina! I loved reading about that grand Hotel and how it change. Your town definitely has some beautiful old building and homes in it. I think it is a beautiful town and would still love to ride around and see more of it one day. I love how you did a layout of the Hotel, how gorgeous is it, in both ways?!! Loved reading the journaling as well and learning more about your town. Hugs, Brenda

  2. That looks like a really cool place - nice spread, glad you included so much detail which will be nice look back and read.

  3. What a beautiful hotel! And a lovely way to capture it!

  4. What an interesting color combo. Your red stars are the perfect addition.