Thursday, February 11, 2016

My take on the February Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Hi you all :) Hope you are having a smashing week this week :) It's LOAD time so I have been very busy with that and my current DT projects, but I will try to catch up on some blogging tonight. I've had my counterfeit kit gathered probably with in just a couple of days of the reveal, but due to a busy beginning of the month I hadn't had time to blog about it and I was still crafting a bit with last month's kit. The only problm with having it just hang around it seemed to have grown since the first round. So it's a very large kit this month, but with it being LOAD month and then next month I'm gonna give Calvinball over at Get It Scrapped a try :) So the large kit will be spread over this month and next, then next month I'll pull a small kit (atleast that is my plan :). Also I have started Nicole Jones's class Demystifying Clustering so that starts with building a kit too so part of this kit will go towards that class :) So enough on why it's so big :) lets see what the inspiration is for this month:
 They went this month with working with Emma (a fellow counterfeiter) this month from the online store/kit club Mind The Scrap.Way to go Emma! Beautiful kit :) Well the first thing I spied was the bright rubon package from Amy Tangerine and that is where I got my inspirtation for my kit:
Noted: Red, pink, yellow, mint green, Royal to Navy in the blues, Black/White combos, and a bit of burgundy. florals, hearts, arrows, envelopes, XOXOs, frames, border strips, and you & me. Papers hade ombre effect, hearts, triangles, words, scallops and herringbone effect. So that is the list that I took and went into my stash looking for and this is what I pulled for my scrapping (photo heavy)

Color Splash:

Some of the paper :) Some you say? Yep:
The rest is coming from a few kits in my collections, with LOAD and time crunches a kit is a quick way to get a layout done :) I also have these fun PL cards from me & my big ideas that are the right colors and the words are just fitting for this counterfeit :) I have added 2 6X6 paper pads and the 4X6 mat stack. 3 punches and 2 of them I haven't even tried yet so I'm excited to have them in the kit.
Chosen Alphas and a fun word sheet and
Went shopping in my stash for the embellishments and layering pieces :)
Wide variety of embellishments to use on my layouts :) I seemed to narrowed in on the hearts in my collection with stamps, die-cuts and die-cutters, stencil, enamels, stickers and washi tape. Added some arrows, florals, rubons, stickers, vellum, word stickers, puffy stickers and some glittery stuff too. I will be using most of my CTMH inks this month, my mists and probably my distress inks too since this is my main go to ink. I'm looking forward to playing with my mixed media next month with May Flaum's newest class Creative Expedition and by the preclass video it's one that if your just learning mixed media it's a great place to start. I know some but other techniques not so much and excited to give it a go :)
Oh yes 1 more addition to the kit, I added

I'm trying to use up old stash and want to include a dazzles kit each month till they are gone :) Just need to remember to open up the drawer to it :) So this is the one I chose it has the pink border stickers and the hiking transparency (now to find some photos to go with it :)
That's it! That is my humongous kit for this month and next! I should have just about everything covered no matter what Lain (LOAD) and the Calvinball has to throw at me :) pun intended :)

With sticking with my 2016 Word: To-Do
 My goal for this month is atleast 29 layouts, goal to make 13 cards, goal to do stay current with LOAD. This works with my word of the year and with that of setting my monthly goals and breaking them down to smaller goals. It's gonna be a fun month of crafting and it all happens with my Counterfeit Kits made from the inspiration I get at Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.


  1. I adore that you plucked out the element of the inspiration that really spoke to you & built your kit around it! You know that you will get a lot of use out of it when you start with things you love :-) Still chugging along at LOAD! I need to catch up with the gallery, though.

  2. So very much tempting stash you've pulled out this month - you go girl, scrap, scrap, scrap. We'll be waiting and watching.

  3. There is LOADs to play with there ;-)