Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue & Gray

Day 24 of LOAD 514, the theme is Pastimes and the prompt: School Spirit. I went with my Jr High School, by far my favorite school experience and I definitely had school spirit there.
I found the picture of the Jr High that I went to on the internet, now it is an elementary school. I was lucky enough to have asked to see some old yearbooks a few years ago while I was researching some genealogy of my family and myself and wish I had taken pictures that day but did not. It was fun to walk in the school again to feel all those memories rush back and I was surprised not to many changes to the school since I went there from 1974 to 1977.
I used my current and last month's counterfeit kit to make the layout. I thought the Good Times paper worked perfectly for the layout cause it highlighted so many words that I feel about the school:
 I included our school nickname and our school colors amongst the words and this corner seem to be missing something so I added the sticker.
 My journaling about the school spilled over into 2 journaling blocks, here is one of the blocks from Simple Stories 24/7 journal pad. I also found some gray paper in my kit for peak of color pattern. I used the numbers paper to create a border along the edge of the paper.
 The second journaling block is from a month or 2 ago that I had pulled for another project that has been sitting on my side shelf waiting to be used. I included pennants too. I was trying to pull in as much blue as I could.
 A picture of the school on the hill when it was built it was the only one on a hill at that time and thinking that is where the nickname came from
I had this picture not sure where I got it, the typewriter sticker reminds of the typewriters that we had to learn to use in 9th grade, I don't miss the manual typewriters, but I still type the same way when we learned to hold our hands on the keys.

I was lucky enough to finish out and graduate 9th grade there we were that last class at Steven's Jr High School. This school was amazing, just the right place to be a teen. I still remember the wood floors, this is where I had learned to sew in home economics plus refining my cooking skills. I was in the pep club in 9th grade and it was a blast! Our basketball team had their best year that year. We definetly closed the school on a high note. Oklahoma was the school play that year one of my best friends played in it so I was there each night to cheer him on :) So many friendships, good grades and not so good grades, dances, sledding down the big hill out front of the school, field hockey (not my favorite sport but I do remember it). This is where I learned Algebra and some mythology too. Friendships that still bond today, Field trips and school trips we went to Washington DC for the 9th grade trip. It was an amazing school and a amazing experience that will never be forgotten.

I hope your enjoying this fine day, we are doing alot of planting and I've been cooking a bit today for the meal tonight, enjoy and thanks fro stopping by today.

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  1. What cool memories you have Tina! I love that you remember your Jr. High School. I went to 13 different schools not including the school I went to more than one! So to have memories like this is just awesome to me. I love to have had roots as a child but didn't but am so happy that the last 30 years I was able to have roots (for the first time!). Boy does that feel good! lol Great layout Tina!! Hugs, Brenda